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Valuheart For Large Dogs 45- 88 lbs (Gold)

Valuheart For Large Dogs 45- 88 lbs (Gold)

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Buy Valuheart for Dogs

Valuheart is one of the best generic heartworm preventive treatments specially developed for dogs. It is cost-effective in comparison to other branded heartworm preventative treatments available in the market. This oral tablet kills the tissue stages of heartworms by treating the infections and controlling and curbing deadly heartworm diseases in dogs.

Key Benefits
  • Cost-effective heartworm preventative treatment
  • Prevents heartworm infections and heartworm disease
  • Recommended for puppies and dogs at least 6 weeks of age along with small dogs, breeding, stud dogs and pregnant female dogs
  • Easy to administer
  • Treats heartworm infections that have been infected the previous month
  • You can mix it with other flea and tick preventive treatments
How To Use
  • Check the dog for any prevailing heartworm infections. If there are no infections, then administer this heartworm preventative treatment.
  • This treatment is available in three different packs. There are different color codes according to the weight of the dog. Select the appropriate pack size according to the weight of your pet.
  • One tablet needs to be given on a monthly basis to puppies that are at least 6 weeks of age along with small and medium dogs, pregnant, studs and breeding dogs.
  • If your doggy weighs more than 88 lbs, then you can use a combination of the treatment.
  • Give this tablet orally to the dog or mix it in the dog food.
  • If you are mixing it in the dog food then ensure that the pet is taking the entire dose. If you miss out on a dose, then consult with your veterinarian before commencing the treatment.
  • Get your dog tested for any existing heartworm infection before commencing the heartworm preventive treatment.
  • This product is not recommended for puppies younger than 6 weeks of age.
  • If your doggy is allergic to ivermectin, then do not administer this treatment to him. It is researched and found collies are allergic to ivermectin so never use this product on this dog breed.
  • After administering the tablets, wash your hands properly with soap and water.

Caution:Collies including Border Collies and other breeds have genetic intolerance to Ivermectin. Those pet owners with Collies and other susceptible breeds should look for alternatives to Ivermectin for the treatment of parasites.

More Information

Valuheart, a Value Plus product is a monthly heartworm preventative treatment that needs to be administered on a year long basis. It supports in keeping the dog healthy by killing the juvenile stages of heartworm larvae. It also provides protection from other fatal diseases of the lungs and heart.

Ivermectin is the active ingredient present in Valuheart. It kills the juvenile stages of heartworm larvae, thus curbing the larvae from transforming into adult heartworm. This oral treatment aids in keeping your doggy free from heartworm infections.



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Linda Verified Customer
Valuheart Jun 17, 2022

Best price and great service

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Great Apr 23, 2022

Excellent product for heartworm prevention..

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Valuheart Feb 08, 2022

Valuheart is the only heartworm prevention that I will use for my dogs. It is absolutely amazing.

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Valuheart Nov 19, 2021

Best, affordable and effective treatment

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Best buy Sep 28, 2021

Got this at really low prices. Happpy!

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Have A Question?
what is the amount of Ivermectin in each tab.?
Small Dogs up to 10kg (up to 22lbs): 60µg, Medium Dogs 11 to 20kg (23-44lbs): 120µg, Large Dogs 21 to 40kg (45-88lbs): 240µg
May 03, 2022 | Was this helpful? Yes (2) | No (0)
is it a chewable?? and are there natural ingredients or by products or contain dyes?
It has Ivermectin and It comes in tablet form.
Aug 19, 2021 | Was this helpful? Yes (1) | No (0)
Is Valuheart safe to use on a pregnant or lactating bitch?
Please ask your Vet.
Jul 29, 2021 | Was this helpful? Yes (1) | No (0)
Does Valuheart contain any animal products or bi-products?
Jul 29, 2021 | Was this helpful? Yes (1) | No (0)
do you ship to Puerto Rico?
Jul 15, 2021 | Was this helpful? Yes (0) | No (0)
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