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Panacur Equine Guard

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Panacur Equine Guard 225ml

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Buy Panacur Equine Guard

Panacur Equine Guard Horse Wormer aids in the treatment and control of adult and immature roundworms of gastrointestinal tract in horses. It is even effective against:

  • Encysted mucosal 3rd and 4th stage small strongyle larvae
  • Encysted mucosal 3rd stage small strogyle larvae in the mucosa
  • Immature and mature roundworms encompassing large redworm (Strongylus edentatus and Strongylus vulgaris) and migrating large redworm, Ascarids (Parascaris equorum), Oxyuris and Strongyloides species and benzimidazole susceptible adult and immature small strongyles (Cyathostomes).

Buy Panacur Equine Guard for Horses

Panacur Equine Guard liquid horse wormer.

A benzimidazole wormer given preferably in November and/or January to eliminate encysted small redworms. Panacur Guard is given daily for five days.

This ‘five day course’ will of course also treat any other worms sensitive to Panacur including most worms other than tapeworm and Bots.

Dosing is 5ml per 65 kg bodyweight daily mixed with grain or concentrate daily for five days.

It is suitable for pregnant mares and young foals.

A course may be given at any time of the year to bought-in horses or others where the worming history is not known.

One bottle will treat a 600kg horse (225ml)

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Suitable for my horse
Sep 05, 2017

Panacur suits on my horse effectively and I have been using this treatment on him for a long time

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Eliminates redworms
Sep 05, 2017

For getting rid of redwormers in my horse, my vet recommended me to use Panacur and mix with food and give it to the horse. He soon became well after the treatment

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