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Leaks No More

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Leaks No More For Dogs/Cats

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Buy Leaks No More

Leaks No More – a product from HomeoPet is a naturally designed remedy for Urinary incontinence in pets. This natural supplement provides relief from urine incontinence due to various reasons. The active ingredients help to strengthen muscles that control urine passage. Leaks No More is definitely an absolute remedy to reduce the issues of urinary incontinence in pets and help them have a quality life free from watery beds. 

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Leaks No More Homeopathic Pet Medications

Many problems come with old age. Urinary incontinence is one of them. Leaking occurs more frequently in older or spayed females or neutered males. To help pets cope with this problem, specially formulated Leaks No More is effective. This HomeoPet product remarkably reduces the symptoms of urinary inconsistency in dogs and cats. 

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Effective solution
Sep 10, 2017

I have been using this product for a few months now and it has given quite effective results and I will continue to use them to avoid any further leaks by my pet

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No more urine accidents
Sep 10, 2017

My dog is 12 yo and at this age no one expects them to be as enthusiastic and fast as they used to be. They age and hence their muscles also lose the grip of holding urine.. This treatment ensures that the muscles tighten up and the dog doesn't urinate accidentally like it used to.. very glad to have found these.

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