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Leaks No More for Dogs and Cats

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Leaks No More For Dogs/Cats

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Leaks No More for Dogs and Cats

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Leaks No More Homeopathic Pet Medications

Leaks No More is a special formulation for pets suffering from leaking condition. Many problems come with old age. Urinary incontinence is one of them. Leaking occurs more frequently in older or spayed females or neutered males. To help pets cope with this problem, specially formulated Leaks No More is effective. This HomeoPet product remarkably reduces the symptoms of urinary inconsistency in dogs and cats. 

Key Benefits
  • Leaks No More is a homeopathic remedy that helps to reduce urinary incontinence in dogs and cats
  • This prescription helps the body naturally tighten the muscles that may weaken due to old age, post-spaying or neutering
  • It provides relief from problems such as frequent urination in small amounts, urine incontinence from excitement, for profuse clear watery flow, and for leakage of urine during sleep
  • It is highly beneficial for older dogs and senior cats
How To Use
  • Administer this product three times a day – morning, evening and at the bedtime.
  • Place drops directly into your pet’s mouth or provide it mixing with food or water.
  • With improvement in the condition, reduce the dose to two times a day.
  • Discontinue administering this preparation, once your pet shows no signs of urine incontinence.
  • For urine inconsistency in older dogs, a maintenance dose is required for a long term.

Dosage depends on bodyweight of a pet







Under 20lbs*/ 10kg

Give 5 drops three times a day to start


20-100lbs / 10- 50 kg

Give    10 drops three times a day to start


Over 100lbs  

Give 15 drops three times a day to start


Under 20lbs*/10 kg         

Give 5 drops three times a day to start


  • Keep away from children and pets
  • Store it in a cool and dry place.
  • Avoid overdose of this treatment as it may result into return of symptoms.
  • Pets that are sensitive to homeopathic preparations will react to a single dose. Avoid giving to such pets.
  • Take extra care while treating pregnant dogs and cats.
More Information

Leaks No More, a product from HomeoPet, is a naturally designed remedy for Urinary incontinence in pets. This natural supplement provides relief from urine incontinence due to various reasons. The active ingredients help to strengthen muscles that control urine passage. Leaks No More is definitely an absolute remedy to reduce the issues of urinary incontinence in pets and help them have a quality life free from watery beds. 

  • Alumina (Oxide of Aluminum)
  • Cantharis (Spanish Fly)
  • Causticum
  • Gelsemium Sempervirens (Yellow Jasmine)
  • Plantago Major (Plantain)
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Customer Review

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I recommend homeopet's leaks no more
Mar 26, 2021

We got my 11 year old cocker spaniel neutered two months back. After that, she has suddenly started showing issues of urinary incontinence. However, now I am releived after our vet suggested this product. I specially asked him to suggest a non-harmful and safe product as we want to give the best years of life to our dog in its old age. I am so much content with its effect and I will continue to use it now.

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Controlled leaking in my pet
Feb 27, 2021

Controlled leaking in my pet

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best of all
Jan 24, 2021

We got my dog neutered last year and since then he was having the issue of incontinence. Tried many medicines for the same but I'd definitely say that this one worked best!

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leaking stopped
Nov 10, 2020

after regular treatment as recommended by our vet, leaking has really controlled in our kitty

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would recommen
Oct 27, 2020

for any leaking problem it is the best remedy especially works great for older cats.

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