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Oticlear 125 ml

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Made up of salicylic acid and lactic acid as the active ingredients, Oticlear is an effective ear cleanser for all breeds of cats and dogs. This scientific formulation with antiseptic properties and antibiotic potentiating agents cleanses all kinds of dust, debris, discharge and coagulum found in the pet’s ear canals. It prevents bacterial and fungal infections by maintaining an acid pH balance in the pet’s ears.

It removes dead tissues and creates and environment for tissue regeneration. When used as a part of regular aural care, Oticlear prevents various aural diseases and infections.  

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Oticlear is a gentle ear cleansing solution for all breeds of cats and dogs. It is used to maintain routine aural hygiene and for prior cleaning before applying other aural treatments. The non-irritating antiseptic solution removes earwax, debris, coagulum and dead tissues from the ear canals of canines and felines.

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Trustworthy ear drops
Sep 10, 2017

Gentle and safe on my Shadow's ears! It cleans away all the dirt and removes wax in a go..

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Hygienic Pets
Sep 10, 2017

Ear hygiene is as essential as maintaining health of other body parts.. I have a dog and 2 cats and both are vulnerable to ear infections.. I searched online to buy drops for both of them but I got a single treatment which is suitable for both cats and dogs.. Oticlear is affordable as well

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