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Laxapet Laxative Gel

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Laxapet Laxative Gel for Dogs & Cats

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Laxapet Laxative Gel for Dogs and Cats

Laxapet laxative gel is developed with quality ingredients. It consists of Petrolatum, Lecithin, Fish liver oil and Vitamins A, B1, B12, B2 and B6. The clinically proven formula works on the gut and softens the content for easy elimination. It helps to support natural excretion support without any side effects. The key ingredients support to remove hairball and regular treatment aids in the prevention of hairball formation.  

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Laxapet Laxative – Hairball and Constipation Treatment for Dogs and Cats

Laxapet is a natural laxative for dogs and cats. It helps to fight back constipation issue and helps in smooth passage of stool. The oral paste removes hairball from cats and further prevents the formation of the hairball. The malt-based flavored base is tasty and easy to administer. It softens the stool and lubricates the gut for easy excretion. Laxapet is an excellent laxative for constipated dogs and cats. It is suitable to use in dogs and cats.

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Timothy is better!
Sep 05, 2017

Timothy like other few cats in our society had hairball problem. One of the members suggested me to try out this gel it will help him. so i ordered it at such cost-effective price from here!! Thanks

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Tasty digestive aid
Sep 05, 2017

Bunny had a problem of constipation and it was painful to watch her suffer in pain.. After some research I found this gel which according to the description was tasty and helped my dog relieve from her pain

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