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Avert Bitter Solution for Cats

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Avert Bitter Solution for Dogs & Cats

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Avert Bitter Solution for Cats

Buy Avert Bitter Solution for Cats

Avert Anti-Lick Bitter Solution is a powerful non-toxic bitter solution that discourages pets from chewing, licking and biting bandages, wounds, stitches, etc. when sprayed around the wounds and bandages, Avert controls licking and biting of the wound effectively, leading to faster recovery of wounds. It is safe and easy to spray.

Key Benefits
  • Discourages pets from licking and biting wounds
  • Prevents pets from chewing household items
  • In birds, controls them from feather-plucking
  • Controls horses from crib-biting or wind sucking
  • Highly effective as too bitter in taste
  • Prevents biting to help faster healing of wounds
How To Use


  • Apply on the affected areas of bird’s plumage or dressing.

Dogs & Cats:

  • Apply to the areas or surfaces to be protected and repeat as required.


  • To discourage crib-biting, apply to solid surfaces affected.
  • Reapply if the animal starts undesired behavior again.
  • Store it in a cool place below 25 degree Celsius.
  • Avoid contact with your skin.
  • Wear rubber gloves while spraying.
  • Do not spray on clothes, carpet or curtains.
  • Do not spray in the air.
  • As highly flammable, store well away from open flames or excessive heat.
  • Keep container tightly closed.
  • Store it away from children and uninformed persons.
  • Do not spray near eyes, if applied wash eyes properly with water.
More Information

Avert Bitter Solution for Dogs/Cats/Birds

Avert Bitter solution is specially designed to discourage pets from licking, chewing and biting. It contains a high concentration of one of the most bitter substances in the world (denatonium benzoate) together with bitter plant principles and oils. Spraying on the desired surfaces distracts dogs, cats or birds from constant licking or biting. This naturally developed solution can be applied as many times as necessary.


Denatonium benzoate with bitter plant extracts

Kyron Labs
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Customer Review

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Apr 06, 2018

I have 3 cats out of which one of them just keeps chewing her fur all the time. I somehow don't understand the reason. Recently I bought Avert solution which has reduced her habit and I can notice a great improvement in her behavior as well. Avert really worked. Now she plays more with me.

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bitter solution but a sweet service
Aug 30, 2017

Ordering from budgetpetcare has been the best thing for me and my handsome cat. Although it is a bitter tasting solution which benefits my cat but the service is praiseworthy

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powerful and effective solution for infected cats
Aug 30, 2017

My kitty Bella was having a wound infection and out of her bad habit she licked it constantly which was barraging her recovery. To make that habit of hers stop I consulted many people as well as vet and ordered Avert solution. After applying this solution on her wound even if she tried licking for first few times, she began hating it eventually!! I was so glad that her wound will have a speedy recovery now...

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