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Pet Dent Finger Brush

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Buy Pet Dent Finger Brush for Hygiene

Pet Dent Finger Brush is an easy to use toothbrush especially designed for cats and dogs. This ready to wear on finger brush helps in cleaning tartar and plaque on the pet’s teeth and gums. It also removes food particles stuck without causing any harm to the pet’s mouth. It is one of the best equipment for maintaining oral hygiene in dogs and cats.

Key Benefits
  • Cleanses pet’s teeth without damaging teeth and gums
  • Maintains oral hygiene in cats and dogs.
  • Prevents bad breath, oral infections and gum diseases
  • Keeps mouth and teeth clean
How To Use
  • Apply a little bit of pet toothpaste on this brush.
  • Alternatively, you can rub a small amount of paste on the pet’s teeth.
  • Be gentle and rub the brush in circular motion over the teeth and gums.
  • Rinse with lots of water.
  • Follow a habit of tooth brushing twice a week or as per your vet’s advice.
  • It is highly safe for all breeds of cats and dogs.
  • Brush gently to prevent any damage to teeth and gums.
More Information

Pet Dent Finger Brush is made up of high quality and durable plastic. It is designed to fit easily on the human finger. Made of soft bristles, the brush is used for back and forth movement on the pet’s teeth. It cleanses any kind of dirt, tartar, plaque and food particles from the pet’s mouth. The soft bristles are easy on pet’s teeth and gums, and effectively removes food particles stuck on the sides and corners of the mouth.

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Effective in its work
Sep 11, 2017

The brush bristles efficiently removes the dirt from the teeth without causing any harm to my pets.. It is suitable to remove plaque formation also with the use of effective paste

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Finger pet toothbrush
Jan 30, 2017

This is the best toothbrush ever! My Pekingese likes this one better than any other I've tried in 12 years of his life. Now I have a Shorkie that I started out at 2 months of age with one and she can't wait to brush her teeth at night. Lol my pekes teeth are doing better than ever since I started with this brush. Thank you so mush for the best ever! And thank you for always sending a PINK & a BLUE one when I order two!

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