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Effipro Spot-On Solution for Small Dogs up to 22 lbs.

Effipro Spot-On Solution for Small Dogs up to 22 lbs.

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Buy Effipro Spot-On Solution for Dogs

Effipro Spot-on for Dogs provides effective treatment against fleas and ticks. With a new formulation of fipronil, the topical solution kills fleas for 8 weeks and ticks for 4 weeks. Effipro spot on destroys adult fleas before they lay eggs and further prevents future infestations. Recommended for monthly application, it controls various ticks and tick-borne diseases. The spot-on is easy to apply with zero spill technology and remains effective for one month.

Key Benefits
  • Effective treatment and prevention for fleas, ticks and chewing lice
  • Rapidly kills fleas and prevents new infestation
  • Long lasting formula works for full one month
  • Kills fleas up to 6 weeks
  • Destroys and prevents ticks for one month and longer
  • Fipronil based alternative safe for dogs and puppies
  • Used as a part of flea allergy dermatitis treatment
How To Use
  • Before starting the treatment, please weigh your dog.
  • Remove the pipette from the pack and hold upright to tap the contents below the scored line.
  • Break the seal to be ready to apply.
  • Part the fur on the dog's shoulder blade until the skin is visible. Place the pipette directly onto the visible skin.
  • Squeeze empty the entire content on the spot. For larger dogs, apply at three to four spots.
  • Ensure that the solution does not get onto the hair.
  • Do not use on puppies under 2 months of age.
  • Never use on sick or debilitated animals.
  • Not for use on cats or rabbits.
  • Do not use on your dog allergic to its active ingredient.
  • Wash hands after application.
  • Do not apply the product on wounds or damaged skin.
  • In the case of accidental eye contact, immediately and thoroughly flush the eyes with water.
More Information

Effipro Spot On for dogs is an exclusive treatment of flea and tick infestations. It is based on the new formula of the deployed action of fipronil, which is an insecticide and acaricide belonging to family of phenylpyrazole. This component actively fights against fleas and ticks, killing fleas within 24 hours of application and ticks within 48 hours of application. The long lasting effect continues to work for four weeks protecting dogs from flea and tick infestation. The insecticidal is also effective against chewing lice.

The topical treatment is effective against new infestations with adult fleas for up to 8 weeks. It protects dogs against ticks for up to 4 weeks. Some species of ticks may not be killed within the first 48 hours but they may be killed within a week. Developed with drop-lock technology, Effipro spot on is easy to apply without any mess.

  • Fipronil (Phenylpyrazole)
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Effipro Apr 06, 2022

Thanks for protecting my fur babies from fleas.

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Worked very well Jan 05, 2022

It works great for my dogs. No side effects.

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Recommended Nov 09, 2021

It was a great decision for us to switch to Effipro. It is working very well for our dog than our previous treatment. I will recommend..

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Controls ticks like a pro Sep 16, 2021

Controls ticks like a pro

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Works fine Aug 09, 2021

Fipronil works fine for my cutayyy. Thanks for providing it at minimal rates BudgetPetCare

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