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Capstar for Dogs

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Capstar Blue for Small Dogs 2 - 25 lbs

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Capstar Green for Dogs 25.1 - 125 lbs

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Capstar for Dogs

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Capstar for dogs

Capstar is an oral tablet that consists of swift action adulticide for the control of adult fleas on dogs. It starts producing results within half an hour of administration and kills 100% adult fleas within 7 hours. It is completely flavorless and is safe to be administered on pregnant and nursing dogs. The effect of the treatment lasts for 24 hours. It can be given anytime to the dog whenever you see fleas bothering him, but ensure that you give only one dose in 24 hours. This tablet is recommended for puppies and dogs at least 4 weeks of age.

Key Benefits
  • Can be combined with other flea and tick treatments for more effectiveness
  • Easy to administer non-topical treatment which does not give you the inconvenience of leaving the residue or causing discoloration on the dog's skin as done by topical treatments
  • Recommended for puppies and dogs at least 4 weeks of age
  • Recommended to be given to pregnant and nursing dogs
  • Short-term treatment with quick results
  • Starts working within half an hour of administration
How To Use
  • Weigh your dog before treatment.
  • Should be administered orally or mixed in dog’s food.
  • Make sure your dog consumes the whole dosage.

Dosage chart:

Weight of the Dog Capstar Dose
1 - 11 Kg 1 tablet Capstar 11.4 mg
11.1 - 57 Kg 1 tablet Capstar 57 mg
>57 Kg 2 tablets Capstar 57 mg
  • After administering this tablet to your dog, wash your hands properly with soap and water.
  • Children, pets and edible items should be kept away from this treatment.
  • If your puppy is younger than 4 weeks of age and less than 2 lbs of body weight, do not administer this tablet to him.
  • Keep the product at a cool place away from direct sunlight at a temperature of below 25 degrees Celsius.
  • Take care that you dose the furry pal properly because overdose can be fatal for his health.
More Information

Capstar for dogs is a Elanco product that provides quick relief from fleas and can be given whenever you see fleas on the body of your pet. This flavorless tablet can be given with food or on empty stomach. By regularly using this flea preventive tablet your dog will have a reduced number of flea bites.

This ingenious tablet contains Nitenpyram as an active ingredient which is a neurotoxin that barrages the central nervous system of fleas and destroys them by obstructing their nerve transmission. Due to the short-term effectiveness of these tablets your doggy gets flea free within hours. But after administering this tablet your doggy might itch for several hours, which is due to the effect of the treatment which will disappear within 24 hours of administration.

  • Nitenpyram
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Product Features
  • Short term treatment with quick results
  • Stars killing fleas within half an hour
  • Controls flea infestations quickly
  • Easy to dose unflavored tablet
  • Safe to give as often as once daily if re-infestation occurs
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Flea Allergy Jan 18, 2017

My dog had FAD. Out of no where a dog I had rescued developed flaky skin, uncontrollable itching and began to actually bite herself until she was bleeding. The vet told me this was Flea Allergy Dermatitis. I was recommended Comfortis, but I was in a financial bind at the time. After doing research, I discovered Capstar. Needing immediate help, I ordered this. Within 2 hours I seen a sign of relief in my dog. She stopped scratching, and was able to sleep peacefully for the first time in a week. There were no more fleas alive on my dog. I treated her with a topical flea treatment, and 3 weeks in, her hair is growing back and she is no longer anxious and we are soooo happy!!!

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Great for my pooches... Jan 18, 2017

This product works exceptionally well on my pooches and within half an hour of its administration fleas begin to fall off from their bodies. Highly recommended flea preventive product!!

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