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Eraquell Horse Wormer Paste 7.49gm

Eraquell Horse Wormer Paste 7.49gm

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Buy Eraquell for Horses

Eraquell for horses is the highly effective worming treatmnet for horses. It destroys and controls both immature and adult worms such as roundworms in the stomach and intestines, large strongyles, small strongyles (adults), hairworms, pinworms, ascarids, intestinal threadworms, large-mouth stomach worms, neck threadworms, lungworms and stomach bots. Eraquell is easy to administer for comprehensive protection. Contains Ivermectin which eliminates various types of internal worms and bots. Eraquell is a highly palatable wormer which is safe to use for horses and the paste treats up to a body weight of 700 kg.

Key Benefits
  • Eliminates multiple types of intestinal worms
  • Eliminates adult and larval stages of various worms 
  • Prevents intestinal worm infection and controls further re-infection
  • Its highly palatable taste makes it easy to administer
  • Safe to use in pregnant mares
How To Use
  • Dosage and administration ERAQUELL paste is given by mouth at the recommended dose rate of 200 micrograms per kg of bodyweight as a single dose.
  • Each syringe division delivers sufficient paste to treat 100kg of body weight (corresponding to 1.07g product and 20mg ivermectin). Each syringe delivers 140mg ivermectin, sufficient to treat 700kg of bodyweight.
  • The horse’s weight should be accurately determined to ensure use of the correct dose of a product. The animal’s mouth must be free of food. The syringe should be placed between the front and back teeth and the paste deposited at the base of the tongue.
  • Immediately elevate the head for a few seconds to ensure that the product is swallowed. Re-treatment should be carried out according to the epidemiological situation and at not less than 30-day intervals.
  • Eraquell may be used in pregnant mares.
  • Keep away from children and pets.
  • Store it in a cool and dry place. 
  • Close the lid tightly after use.
  • Wash hands after use. 
More Information

Eraquell is an effective horse wormer for treating worms in horses. The oral treatment kills various intestinal worms and protects horses against dangerous intestinal worm infection. It treats and controls worms and when given regularly reduces the chances of future worm infection in horses. Easy to dose, this oral wormer is highly palatable.

  • Ivermectin
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Excellent May 25, 2022

Was looking for a bot treatment and bought eraquell. I started noticing its effects from day 1 and within a few days all bots were gone. Really happy.

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Recommended Mar 23, 2022

Very easy to administer and use.

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Good one Dec 16, 2021

Cleared the bots quickly. I liked it!

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Recommended Oct 19, 2021

The perfect treatment for horses.

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Effective Sep 08, 2021

This was effective on my horse. Will recommend it to all.

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