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Equitape Horse Wormer Paste

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Buy Equitape Horse Wormer Paste
Buy Equitape Horse Wormer Paste High density polyethylene syringe with cap made of high density polyethylene and plastic plunger made of polystyrol with locking ring, containing 6.67g of paste. Further information As tapeworm infection is unlikely to occur in horses before two months of age, treatment of foals below this age is not considered necessary. In horses with severe infections, treatment may result in mild, transient colic and loose faeces due to the destruction of the tapeworms. Parasite resistance to a particular class of anthelmintic may develop following frequent, repeated use of an anthelmintic of that class. In the absence of compatibility studies this veterinary product must not be mixed with other medicinal products.

Buy Equitape Horse Wormer Paste for Horses

The first specialist tape worm treatment

One tiny single tube treats a horse up to 600kg

Deals with all THREE tapeworm species

Check with your vet regarding pregnant Mares

No interference with your annual wormer rotation as Equitape for horses is given during spring and early autumn regardless of whatever other wormer is in use for roundworms.
No more double dosing.

Contains praziquantel, a product of research by Bayer and marketed by the manufacturers of EQUEST.

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potent worming paste
Sep 06, 2017

It is very powerful in removing all the kinds of tapeworms that affects the horse's body and protects the horse from infections. Effective and affordable, Equitape is my and must be all horse-owner's choice.

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Treatment for tapeworms
Sep 06, 2017

Tapeworms are very dangerous if found out at a later stage, they can cause severe infection in the horses. To ensure full protection of the horses I use equitape paste and keep them safe from tapeworms

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