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Anxiety TFLN for Dogs and Cats

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Anxiety TFLN For Dog/Cat

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Anxiety TFLN for Dogs and Cats

Buy Anxiety TFLN for Homeopathics

Anxiety TFLN Homeopathic Pet Medications

Anxiety TFLN is a homeopathic treatment that calms down excited or stressed dogs from any unwelcome situation. The all natural solution is highly effective in treating various types of phobias including stress due to loud noises, fireworks, thunderstorms, gunfire etc. The quick acting, non-sedating solution calms down all these anxieties without causing any side effects to the dog. 

Key Benefits
  • Remedy to control specific phobias in dogs.
  • It calms down the pet from severe anxieties like electric shock, sensitivity to drafts.
  • Gives relief from fearful situations like loud noises, lightening, fireworks, backfiring of vehicles and more.
  • Safe for all breeds and ages of dogs including pregnant and lactating female dogs.
  • Easy to administer all natural remedy.
How To Use

How to use Anxiety TFLN for dogs/cats

  • Induce drops on the mucous membranes of the pet’s mouth including lips.
  • Administer whenever the pet is anxious or restless.
  • li>FIf the animal dislikes the taste then mix with water, milk or food.
  • For pets reactive to the alcoholic odor, allow a 10-20 minute lapse to let the drops get diluted or evaporated from the liquid or food given to the pet.
  • Spray in the air around the pet’s surroundings to calm him down. 
  • Do not overdose. Follow the label or the veterinarian’s guidance.
  • Check sensitivity of pet towards the alcoholic preservatives of the remedy by giving single dose at the first place.
  • On observing any signs of hypersensitivity, discontinue the remedy and take veterinarian advice.
  • Although it is highly safe still check with your veterinarian before administering pregnant female dogs. 
More Information

Manufactured by Homeopet, Anxiety TFLN homeopathic remedy provides quick relief to dogs from fearful situations, phobias and environmental changes. It relaxes the restless, anxious pet and prevents unwelcome behavior. The non-sedating liquid is also used to treat specific phobias including those of fireworks, loud noises, thunderstorms, sudden noises, gunfire, bird scarers and more.

  • Borax
  • Chamomilla (German Chamomile) 
  • Phosphorus, Rhododendron Chrysanthum 
  • Theridion curassavicum (Orange spider)
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Customer Review

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best natural remedy
Nov 14, 2019

best natural remedy

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Sep 08, 2019

comes quite handy during festive season. simply keeps our pets under control, no tantrum thrown during gatherings. love this one

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Best product
Aug 08, 2019

just NATURaL AND EFFICIENT. nothing works compared to this.

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Best if your dog is scared of thundersto
Mar 30, 2018

I always give anxiety TFLN to my pet when we party. He is scared of loud noises so I have to calm him down with anxiety TFLN everytime we throw a party to our friends or there is a party going on in the house next to us. I have used it many a time and have never faced any disappointment.

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Mar 30, 2018

My dog Oscar had a tough time last new year eve. He was so afraid of the fireworks that he literally hurt himself while sliding under the bed. I felt so bad that I resorted to anxiety TFLN to calm my poor fellow down. And it did work wonderfully. He was relieved and seeing him so calm, I felt I should keep this product always in store. Since then I swear by this treatment.

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