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Skin and Itch Relief

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Skin and Itch Relief For Dogs/Cats

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Buy Skin and Itch Relief

Skin and itch relief is a homeopathic remedy used for providing ephemeral relief from allergic reactions like itching, scratching, hair loss and gnawing. It detoxifies the skin from within and provides a thick and shiny coat to the pet. Suitable for all breeds of cats and dogs, this all-natural treatment is beneficial for general and chronic allergies.

The natural remedy provides quick relief from chronic scratching, chewing, itching and other dermal problems caused due to allergies. It is useful for treating various skin problems including eczema, prickly itching, rashes, scabs, bad skin odor and urticaria.

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Skin and Itch Relief Homeopathic Pet Medications

Manufactured by Homeopet, Skin and itch relief is a homeopathic remedy that provides transient relief from scratching, itching gnawing and hair loss caused by any kind of allergic reaction. It aids in improving the skin and coat of dogs and cats by detoxifying their bodies from within. It is an ideal treatment for allergies caused due to grass, pollen or dust.

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Rashes are gone!!
Sep 10, 2017

My pet got rashes all over her body, I guess which was a reaction of something she might have eaten.. She kept on scratching her body also I took her to the vet and the vet recommended me to buy this homeopathic treatment.. Now her body is as soft as before!!!

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Allergy pacifier
Sep 10, 2017

These are effectively working drops that relieves Chubby from her allergies and allergic reactions.. Otherwise her skin turns into red inflamed skin which is not easy to treat with normal medicines

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