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Fleas and ticks are a routine brigade of pesky insects that trouble cats and dogs. These hazardous pests live on animal body, suck their blood, reproduce themselves and grow in number. Moreover, these external parasites infect the pet with various diseases like anemia, rocky mountain fever, Lyme disease, paralysis and more. Thus, Flea and tick control and prevention is a significant part of pet health care.

Cats Flea And Tick Top Sellers

Flea and tick preventive products include scientific and natural formulation that kills fleas, ticks and flea life stages. Topical applications, tablets, suspensions, collars, sprays, shampoos etc. are few of the most popular pet care treatments availed by the pet parents. Branded products like Capstar, Scalibor tick collar etc. are famed as absolute flea and tick preventives that take no time to get rid of adult and re-infesting fleas and ticks from the pet’s body and the surroundings.

Flea Control:

Fleas strive on the body of the host. They grow by sucking the pet’s body. Adult fleas lay numerous eggs thus giving an exploding effect to their population. Eggs get scattered in environment and are transferred from one animal to another. Flea control involves killing adult fleas and immature flea life stages. Therefore, flea control broadly includes killing adult fleas and preventing re-infestations through flea eggs, larvae and pupae.  

Tick Control:

Dogs and cats are an easy prey for ticks. Most of them transmit mild to severe diseases to the pet. The worst of them all is paralysis tick that can transmit neurotoxin in the pet’s body leaving the host animal paralyzed. If untreated paralyzed dogs and cats can succumb to death. Apart from tick control and prevention treatments, daily tick search is important for full proof tick control. Various tick prevention treatments, tablets, collars, shampoos, suspensions, powders and sprays are availed to guard cats and dogs against tick infestations.

Prevention of re-infestations:

Apart from killing and controlling adult stages of fleas and ticks, it is important to eliminate their juvenile stages. For this, the preventive should destroy and eliminate immature life stages of these pests. Spot-ons, tablets, powders, sprays and shampoos can get rid of eggs, larvae and pupae of fleas and ticks. By killing juvenile stages, the treatments block the reproductive cycle of the pests. This puts a break on the population of these external parasites making flea prevention and control an easy task for the pet parents.

Benefits of flea and tick preventive treatments:

  • Kills adult fleas and ticks.
  • Destroys immature stages of flea and tick life cycle.
  • Remains active for a lasting time.
  • Are harsh on pests and easy on pets.

The treatments when administered properly makes canines and felines pest free within no time. They also remain effective for a lasting time giving pets freedom from itching, scratching and parasite borne diseases.

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