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edith f.
| February winner
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edith f.

My pug who was 24 lbs was allergic to all the dog foods we tried. He was getting so sick throwing up and running stools. The doctor gave him some meds and it made things worse. I feared he was dying and my vet was too. I read on line that rice and chicken (boiled) was best for him. I threw the dog foods and medicine away. He has done wonderful on the rice and /or potatoes for nearly 3 years but I was concerned he was not getting all the nutrition he needed. Now his stool is orange sometimes...

Our vet answers

 It is possible that he could have internal parasites. Dogs usually need to have treatment for this every 3 months. If you are already giving him this treatment regularly then you can exclude this as a cause. Personally, I recommend trying dog food specifically for intestinal problems from your vet. This is prescription food and it can have good results. You could try this for one or two weeks to see if this helps. If you haven’t already administered prevention for internal parasites then please do so and repeat the treatment again two weeks after the initial treatment. You can also add vegetables to his diet but don’t giv....

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theresa c.

I was wondering what would be the best way to get rid of fleas we took in a kitten that we had no idea that was infested with fleas and now my poor dog someone who’s had fleas but not to where they w ...

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renee v.

My Golden Retriever is starting to slow down and has problems with movement after going on short hikes or after swimming. What do you recommend for him to help with this? Is the Glucosamine/Chondro ...

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Since milo is 20lbs, what frontline should I be using? the 5-22lb packs or the next step larger? ...

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debra e.

He is shedding badly. I feed him pedigree for small dogs and add about 1/2 tsp vegetable oil to his food. do you sell linoleic acid supplement. ...

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beverly j.

I bought a sorest collar 4 months ago and it seems that she is digging and scratching her back on the carpet. I haven’t found any fleas on her and she goes to a groomed every 6 weeks. Could she be ...

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richard s.

what flea med may i give to pregnant dog ...

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janis a.

Roxie seems to itch a lot, she has a great deal of hair. I do not believe she has fleas, and the groomer did not see any sign of fleas. What should I use to keep her from scratching so much. She d ...

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brandy j.

last night we woke up to what we thought was rascal scratching but at a closer glance,he was shaking. we got him out of the bed and he was stiff and wobbly,couldnt walk and could barely stand,.when h ...

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I ordered the flea and tick treatment my dog is 44.9 the last time he was weighed. I got the 44-88 is this okay for my dog? ...

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patricia a.

Jack had recently been discovered he has fleas. he has lost some hair around his back thighs and butt area very thin, besides that his ears are itching. what do you recommend? I did flea meds and g ...

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sonja k.

hello my spouse and i have two cats neko bells who is almost 6 years and raven rose who is almost 1 year. Our cats got fleas from the windowsills in our house and we have been battling the problem fo ...

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bojana m.

Which medication, if any, helps with BIRD MITES, if they attack my old cat Caramel? Does Frontline works for it? If so, which one- the plus or the spot?Thank you- Bojana. ...

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linda f.

Have three outdoor cats that live in garage. I can physically handle two of them but the one is feral. Need to flea treatment and deworm them. What are best options? I did catch them all early on ...

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glenda m.

what kind of flea meds can you ise if your cat has reaction to alcolhol? I think mittens is allergic as the flea medicine my bf got from the vet seems to burn her skin...when he puts the medicine on ...

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dianne c.

can a cat that is 5 yrs old be declawed? ...

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betty l.


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diana b.

pj is so tiny but what can use for fleas on her .. for her mommy got killed ...

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theresa a.

We have recently taken in a stray pregnant kitty who has given birth 5 days ago. My concerns are fleas on both kittens and mommy and some hairloss on mom that happen after giving birth! Which flea m ...

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rebecca s.

Our older cat had some problems with matted fur. In trying to alleviate some of this his skin was torn. He has been cleaning and caring for the area himself, but just today we realized there was ab ...

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karin l.

My cat`s are scratching and I would like to buy a flea collar for them, but juston at this time to see if it works. I bought one at a store several years ago and it made my cat sick. The smell was ev ...

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