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edith f.
| February winner
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edith f.

My pug who was 24 lbs was allergic to all the dog foods we tried. He was getting so sick throwing up and running stools. The doctor gave him some meds and it made things worse. I feared he was dying and my vet was too. I read on line that rice and chicken (boiled) was best for him. I threw the dog foods and medicine away. He has done wonderful on the rice and /or potatoes for nearly 3 years but I was concerned he was not getting all the nutrition he needed. Now his stool is orange sometimes...

Our vet answers

 It is possible that he could have internal parasites. Dogs usually need to have treatment for this every 3 months. If you are already giving him this treatment regularly then you can exclude this as a cause. Personally, I recommend trying dog food specifically for intestinal problems from your vet. This is prescription food and it can have good results. You could try this for one or two weeks to see if this helps. If you haven’t already administered prevention for internal parasites then please do so and repeat the treatment again two weeks after the initial treatment. You can also add vegetables to his diet but don’t giv....

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tom c.

I gave my dog a Durvet Kenne-Jec 2 for kennel cough, can I also give him carafate? ...

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karen e.

Hi. I’m fostering a dog from a rescue, she came to me on antibiotics to prevent her from getting kennel cough. She arrived very emaciated, I’m fedding her 3 smaller meals a day. She seems to be cough ...

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frank l.

Every year chi chi goes to the vet and gets her rabies booster shot and all her other shots. She is checked for heart worm and stool sample is negative. She also gets a nasal spay in each nostril. I ...

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gene m.

Shellie has been diagnosed with an enlarged heart. I give her medicine twice a day. She coughs very forceful a good bit and sometimes she breaths heavy and sometimes she doesn’t. My question is she i ...

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alex a.

I believe my chihuahua has kennel cough; what can I do about it? When he starts hacking( which is alot); he spits out white phlegm. Please help. ...

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amy h.

My lil guy is having a big problem with congestion & mucus. I believe it to be caused by pollen. I have been told to treat him with a child’s over the counter decongestion med. Is there a canine dec ...

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bruce f.

when he gets excited he runs around , sometimes he starts coughing and has fallen over on occasion, could it be like asthma? ...

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irene c.

my dog chews on his paws, I think he swallows hair because he acts like he needs to cough something up ...

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john j.

My dog Princess is a very intelligent energetic dog. She really enjoys being pampered so I pet her all the time. But there are times when I pet her and she ends up sneezing. At first I just took it a ...

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milton c.

hello I would like to know if k9 advantage ii, will protect my golden retriever against flee and tick plus misquotes? I know use heart guard plus I give her frontline plus,2 different treatments. ...

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karen b.

We gave her permit flea treatment 2 1/2 weeks ago and its not working can we put revolution flea treatment on her now or do we have to wait the full month ...

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lori m.

There is a stray cat about 5 months that has a milky green discharge from her private area. I have read that people give strays and feral Fish Mox for infection. Please help.... ...

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sam r.

My cat Rockey is about 6 years old. He’s and indoor cat. About a year ago a small bump appeared on his head I’m not sure but I think it’s been growing. I don’t know much about his family background, ...

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arica f.

Can a house cat with no claws and is fixed chew a hole in the closet wall of a trailer through to the exterior of a trailer? Im being taken to court because apparently my cat who has no claws and nev ...

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I have been using Frontline Plus for many years. The past two years, we have had the worst flea infestation EVER!! This stuff is clearly not working!! I keep ordering it like a fool and applying i ...

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lisa n.

Is there a flea control good for multiple pet households . ...

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My tootsie seems to be peeing her self when she sleeps on my sofa and she use to pee inside in the back of my door.Do you think she has uti? Can you tell me what you would recommend to give her . ...

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linda a.

I’ve used Advantage II on my indoor cats to get rid of fleas. It didn’t work. Also, one of my cats acts like his skin is on fire after application and then he vomits. Any suggestions? ...

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janis s.

flicka got a good bill of health no diabites but she drinks tons of water and all by herself fills a ex large litter box daily .She is going thru a 35 lb plastictub full of litter in a week and a h ...

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wendy d.

my cat likes to go out side but there are a lot of wooded places around he has ticks and it has made him kinda sick what is the best tick med to use on him ...

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