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edith f.
| February winner
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edith f.

My pug who was 24 lbs was allergic to all the dog foods we tried. He was getting so sick throwing up and running stools. The doctor gave him some meds and it made things worse. I feared he was dying and my vet was too. I read on line that rice and chicken (boiled) was best for him. I threw the dog foods and medicine away. He has done wonderful on the rice and /or potatoes for nearly 3 years but I was concerned he was not getting all the nutrition he needed. Now his stool is orange sometimes...

Our vet answers

 It is possible that he could have internal parasites. Dogs usually need to have treatment for this every 3 months. If you are already giving him this treatment regularly then you can exclude this as a cause. Personally, I recommend trying dog food specifically for intestinal problems from your vet. This is prescription food and it can have good results. You could try this for one or two weeks to see if this helps. If you haven’t already administered prevention for internal parasites then please do so and repeat the treatment again two weeks after the initial treatment. You can also add vegetables to his diet but don’t giv....

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sonya .

I had just recently got my puppy and I never noticed this massive bump on his head/neck. My girlfriend bought me him and she never noiticed the bump. We went to take him for his parvo shot and afterw ...

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naomi l.

What is the brown coming from her eye onto her white face? When she is groomed bi-weekly, it remains. ...

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john m.

If I talk to your Vet about my dogs problem will He or She fill the prescription I need for my dog ? ...

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charlene .

She has some kind of growth on her front left paw. I have been soaking it in lukes warm salt water. She licks it whether it’s been soaked or not. I don’t know what to do. I’m worried. All the researc ...

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justin a.

Hello, I actually have 2 pups. Ollie is just over a year and recently started licking his butt like crazy. Someone suggested that he might have fleas. Well now our other dog, Ella, who is 12 wee ...

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lisa w.

My dog is between weights for Advantix dosage which says small up to 10 lbs and Medium 11-20. He is between 10 and 11. I’ve been giving him Medium dosage because he was over 11, but has lost some wei ...

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richard d.

My schnauzer just started sneezing. A sneeze at least every minute or less. Very concerned! !!! Please advise. Surely he will be okay Thank You Richard Davis D ...

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samantha h.

I have 13 dogs that range from about 1.5 yrs to 10 yrs and they range in weight from 2lbs to 10lbs they are all chiweenie dogs ( not inbred) . What is the difference between k9 advantix and k9 advant ...

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My dog got a scratch on her eye rim only, not her eyeball. Her eye rim is a bit swollen and pinkish. Also I think it’s itchy, because she keeps trying to rub her eye. Are there any home remedies for ...

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isabelle v.

I have been using Advantage Flea control it has worked great till now he has FLEAS how do I get rid of them ...

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sheila p.

Hi, I have a kitten that is 12 weeks and weighs 2.8 lbs I need some flea prevention meds,can you recommend something for a cat so young? Thank you ...

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charlotte t.

Is it safe to use a flea collar and Frontline Plus at the same time on my cat ...

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kathy j.

This is my second attempt to get a free vet consultation. I adopted two kittens from a local pet store, and was told they use frontline plus for extra large dogs on all their kittens. What I am tryin ...

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carol w.

what is good flea stuff for cats ...

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patrick r.

i have a large 28 pound cat and frontline plus does’nt seem to be working i have tried it for 4 months now. since he is a large cat do you think he needs something larger for his size? ...

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keith f.

My cat has peed out of the litter box on and off for awhile. This past year he only goes pee and poops on my bed. My vet said he was healthy. Im really loosing it. Twice a day poop on my bed. If you ...

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kathy j.

Hi, I adopted two kittens from a local pet store. They are 5 1/2 months old. I was told that I can use Frontline + for extra large dogs and split the dose between my 4 cats, since it has the same ing ...

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brenda b.

Is it safe to use Frontline Plus on a kittens who are approx 8 weeks old? They weigh between 1.6 lbs to 2.1 lbs. A stray cat gave birth to four kittens who play outdoors and sleep on my patio. ...

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helen h.

We have moved house twice in 18 months. Cocoa used the litter tray and seemed to adjust well to each new house. I moved the litter tray gradually towards the outside and then put it outside the door. ...

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mark s.

I have 5 cats, 1 female 4 male, ages 5 to 17. I have found roundworms and fleas on one or more of them. I know I can use Capstar to kill the fleas on them, but what product should I use going forward ...

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