A Quick Fix Cure For Pets – Flea And Tick Collars

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Best Flea And Tick Collars

Flea and tick infection can be cured as well as prevented in many ways. One of the oldest and constant cures for your pet’s infection is flea and tick collars.

Preventing your pets from fleas and ticks is crucial. It is one of the most prevalent problems in both cats and dogs. Often, all pet owners like their pets so they are leashed when going out for a stroll. So, collars are a very helpful option for all pet owners.

Flea bites are very itchy and leads to loss of hair in the pet’s body. Whereas ticks, carry diseases  from other hosts that may cause harm to your beloved pet. Flea and tick collar is an inexpensive product which provides protection to your pet.

Flea and tick collars contain a concentrated chemical to repel these parasites from your pets. The chemical diffuses in the entire body of the pet and the effect prevails for several months.

Various affordable flea and tick collars are available online like

Top 3 Best Dog Flea Collars

Bayopet Tick and Flea Collar

Scalibor Tick Collar

Seresto Dog Collar

Bayopet Tick and Flea Collar

Bayopet Collar for Large DogClick for Price

It is a popular flea and tick collar available for dogs. The collar’s effect can be seen within 24 hours. It has long-lasting effect on dogs which protect them from flea infestation for 16 weeks and tick infestation for 10 weeks. The key ingredient in Bayopet is Propoxur which effectively eliminates fleas and ticks. The collar is built with safety measures so as not to cause any irritation to the pet.

Scalibor Tick Collar

Scalibor Tick Collars

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Scalibor Tick Collar is an effective method of eliminating and preventing fleas and ticks. It is used on puppies who are at least 12 weeks old and dogs. Its effect can be seen in 24 hours. It fights against flea and tick-infestation for 3 months. It is an odorless and waterproof collar which also keep away mosquitoes from biting the pups and dogs.

The active ingredient found in Scalibor Tick Collar is deltamethrin which not only fights against fleas and ticks but also sand flies and mosquitoes.

Seresto Dog/Cat Collar

Seresto Cat Collar

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Seresto collar is available for both cats and dogs.

For cats : Seresto Cat Collar is the best option for preventing fleas and ticks from infecting cats. It protects cats from fleas and ticks infestation for 8 months. Effectiveness of this product can be seen in cats within 24 to 48 hours, as it kills ticks in 48 hours and fleas in 24 hours. It kills flea eggs and flea larvae as well.

It is also odorless to keep the cat irritation-free and waterproof to maintain its effectiveness even in water.

For dogs :- Seresto for dogs is used to protect the dogs from flea and tick infestations. This product provides quarterly treatment for the dogs. Seresto dog collar is non-greasy and odorless which makes it very easy to use.

The main ingredients in Seresto are Flumethrin and Imidacloprid.

Flumethrin is a pyrethroid insecticide used externally against parasitic insects and ticks.
Imidacloprid is also an insecticide that acts on the nervous system of insects. It also prevents paralysis or death due to insect’s bite.

Flea free summer for your pet,
Protect them from major threats.
Tick-less sunny days,
Can be cured in many ways.

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