8 Facts About Heartworms in Dogs : Myths And Facts Of Heartworm Disease in Dogs

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Myths And Facts Of Heartworm Disease in Dogs

Heartworms is a life endangering disease for dogs. This disease lives inside the heart of the dogs and blood vessels of the lungs of the dogs. This fatal disease is not just found in dogs but also other mammals like cars and wolves. This disease is spread by mosquitoes which hosts from one dog to the other.

Some of the facts of the heartworms are :

Facts About Heartworms in Dogs

    • 1. It is not a contagious disease i.e it does not spread by direct contact of animals.
    • 2. It is a fatal disease and can lead to death of the dog
    • 3. No area of the world where a mosquito can live is safe for dogs. It takes only a bite to spread the infection.
    • 4. Dogs can get heartworms anywhere even inside the house. If you have left a window open or you open the door to let someone in, then also a mosquito can enter causing harm to your precious pup.
    • 5. There is no season of getting heartworms in dogs. Dogs can get heartworms at any time and anywhere.
    • 6. Even after providing heartworm preventive, you should get your dog checked for heartworm disease.
    • 7. Adult heartworms can live for u to 7 years inside a dog.
    • 8. Heartworms is found in all the 50 states of USA.


Certain signs that you should look out for if your dog is suffering from a heartworm disease are coughing, fainting, abnormal heart sounds, heart failure, pale gums, fatigue, weakness, etc.

The signs may vary from mammal to mammal and even at times you won’t be able to recognize symptoms of heartworms.

Certain heartworms preventive that can be used in dogs are Heartgard Plus, Nexgard Spectra, Nuheart Generic Heartgard and Revolution.

For cats, you can use Milbemax and Revolution to prevent such deadly disease.

Buy Heartwormers For Dogs

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