Simple Reasons Of Dog Limping That We Overlook


Most dog owners would like to know the apparent reasons for which their beloved pals limp. Certain things are very obvious but still we overlook and after the treatment the problem again recurs. Please understand that just like human beings, dogs can tear, strain and damage their body parts which can cause a limp.

Ever Pondered About These Obvious Reasons That Make Your Pooch Limp?

Never take the onus of treating the doggy yourself, if you see him limping. Sometimes, a minor limp can transform into something bigger. Hence, it is important to look at these obvious reasons for which dogs limp:

Overgrown Nails Of Dog:

Overgrown Nails Of Dogs

If you are wearing high heels for a day after wearing normal shoes your entire life you would not even dare to run on the heels, forget about wearing them 24 x 7. In the same way, dogs feel the burden of their bones and legs while walking which can lead to problems in the long run. Overgrown nails can hamper the dog’s movement since it can induce pain while walking. The best thing to do in such a scenario is to cut their nails. But do it only if you are 100% confident about it otherwise just leave it to a professional groomer to complete the task.

Paw Pad Injury

Paw Pad Injury In Dogs

A common misconception in the minds of dog owners is that dog’s paws do not need any protection. But that is hardly the truth. In hot weathers, the paw pads of the doggy can burn by walking on hot pavement while in cold weather, they could be harmed through frostbite or chemicals tossed on icy roads and sidewalks. Remember, even long walks or running can affect the paws of the dog. So, the best thing that you can do is to protect their paws by checking them on a regular basis along with their nails.

Concealed Lump In The Toes

Lump In The Toes Of Dogs

There is an area of webbing between the toes of the doggy. It is also prone to yeast formation, a cyst or infection or a mass. Lumps and growths between the toes can form which can result in your doggy to limp. If you see this problem in your doggy on a recurring basis, try to find out the exact cause of the problem. Due to cyst formation in the toes there are chances of ingrown hair, allergies, overweight issues in dogs and bacterial infections.

Thyroid Problem in Dogs

Dog Thyroid Gland Issues

Dogs suffering from hypothyroidism can limp due to pain as a result of imbalance of thyroid hormone. If the limping is accompanies by other symptoms, including unexplained weight gain, skin issues or hair loss it is time for you to ask your veterinarian to evaluate the dog’s thyroid hormone level.

Lyme Disease

Dog Lyme Disease

There are rare chances of dogs to show any symptoms of Lyme disease, but when it occurs limping is one of them. This limping is due to pain around the joints of the dog.

Were you aware of these reasons that can cause limping in your dog?


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