Decipher A Cat’s Curl Tail Like A Pug?

Have you ever wished that you knew what your feline is thinking? If yes, then let us tell you that, your kitty is communicating and telling you each and every moment what is she thinking. How she is feeling? etc. To communicate with your cat you need to just watch her tail! instead of using words. Yes, your kitty’s tail gives you a message which you will be able to understand her how she is feeling. Here are some indicators which will help you know what your furry pal is telling you with a curled tail like a pug:

Wants Your Attention:

If you see your cat standing up straight with her tail up and a curl at the top, just like a question mark. This shows that your cat wants your attention and she wants to play with you. At this moment your cat might be feeling very friendly. You should spend some of the quality time with her, by playing hide and seek or by giving her some stuffed mouse toy.

Frighten Or Threatened:

If you find your kitty’s tail curled and lowered between her hind legs, this is not a sign of happiness. Her curly tail is showing that she feels frightened or that might be she is threatened by something or someone. Make sure you don’t get confused a curling tail with a thrashing tail. If your cattail is thrashing aggressively, that shows she may be really very upset about something or someone. So you need to care for her.

Anxiety And Unhappy:

There are many situations where you will find yourself anxious, and not happy with the present situation such as: If any guest has arrived in your house or waiting in the room at the vet’s office. She may feel uneasy and anxious when she doesn’t like the things happening around her. You will be able to find out this behavior in your cat by looking at her tail. If your find her tail curled at the top and tightly pointing in a forward motion of her body, this shows that she is unhappy and anxious.

It is fun to guess what your feline is telling you with her curled tail like a pug. It is important to notice the signs of the tail and all-over body language to truly decipher what is your cat thinking or how she is feeling. Hope you will enjoy communicating with your cat and both spend some quality time with each other.