Pet Tales: A Second Chance at Life

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We, at BudgetPetCare, are back with another Pet Tales blog. If you’re new to our site or don’t really know what this is all about, we recommend you to check our previous Pet Tales blogs – My Life Changed for Good & I Thank My Stars. Moving on, here’s another heart-wrenching tale from the perspective of a little pup named Max. So let’s get right into it!

“Woof woof, I’m Max, and I am an eight-month-old puppy who loves to eat and of course, love my human friend too because he takes care of me. I love running around the house, and whenever I make a few rounds, I hear my human friend’s parents utter some words. Not sure if they were saying it to me, but I couldn’t care less because I’ll still run.


The best part of each day was when my human friend returned home from school. I used to run towards him to greet him, and sometimes because of the excitement, I pee right then and there. Honestly, I don’t mean to cause my buddy trouble, but hey come on, I am just a little puppy. What do I know what is right or what is not? Anyway, everything seemed to be going smoothly. Life was good.

But then, one fine day, I fell ill. REALLY REALLY ILL! I don’t know what caused it, but I could barely move a muscle. My human friend seemed sad and tried to feed me, but I did not feel like eating. I was in pain, but it seemed like he was bearing it for me. I wanted to hug him and say that everything will be fine, but I felt weak. That night, my human buddy picked me up and placed me on his bed. He slept beside me and kept ruffling my fur. I felt good mentally, but physically I was really sick. And I kept thinking…

The next day I saw an elderly man stand next to me. I did not know who he was until he tried to open my mouth to take a look at something. It was the vet. His face looked disheartening, and when I turned my attention to my human friend, I saw him hugging his mommy, and tears filled his eyes. I did not know what was going on, but it felt like something had happened to me.

In the evening, I saw the elderly man again. This time he got something along with him. It was a sedative, I guess. He just put it into my muscle and within minutes I fell asleep. While I lay there on the bed, I noticed my human friend holding my paw and patting me. It felt as though he was losing hope, but I… I lay there, with hope of my own. I wanted to fight the illness and bring a smile back on my human buddy’s face.

The next morning when I woke up, I felt different. I felt good. Not sure what happened overnight, but today was a new day, and it felt like a new me. As soon as I woke up, my human friend grabbed me by his hands and squeezed me tightly. I did feel uncomfortable, but I guess I liked it. He looked different too. Probably the happiest he’d ever been. And I, I felt like life threw me a second chance. A chance to live and spend more time (on Earth) with my human pal!

And as the celebrations grew wilder, I thought to myself that I will never leave my human friend’s side and I am pretty sure he knows that too.”

Indeed, a beautiful and heart touching story. We hope you love this pet tale. To read more such pet tales, we request you to kindly watch this space for more such stories.

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