PET TALES: My Life Changed for Good

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Have you ever wondered what is life like from a dog’s perspective? Well, we have a beautiful story for you that has been told from a dog’s point of view. So sit back, relax, and enjoy this pet tale.

Hi there! My name is Sally, and I am a 5-year-old Yorkshire terrier, who has a story to tell you. I don’t vividly recollect my childhood days as a puppy, but what I do remember is that life was not very kind to me. Not sure how I got to the streets, but I found it hard to live life. Most of my days would go in search of food to eat and water to drink. When even that was not possible, I had to starve for days or sometimes live on dirty gutter water to quench my thirst.

Days passed and even months, but the struggle got worse and worse. My fur coat got duller day by day, and I could feel my rib cage. I felt like my end was here, as I had lost everything, even hope was now slowly fading away. One fine day though, while I was crossing the streets in the lookout for food, a lady in a nice red car almost ran me over. She stopped the car in the nick of time and trudged toward me. She looked scared and worried at the same time. And uttered a few melodious words, and picked me up. She then looked around for some time before driving me home with her. I did not know why she took me home but it did feel as if she was adopting me. She bathed me with warm water and then took a towel and wiped all the water off. She then gave me some human snack, which I pounced on like a glutton (I don’t blame myself because I was ravenous).

Later during the day, she took me pet shopping and bought me a nice leash and a few pet supplies. We went for a walk after that. When we returned, she gave me a big bowl of food, which I walloped to my heart’s content. She was taking good care of me and suddenly I felt good about life. My life was changing, and it was changing for good. Few days later, I heard her call me Sally. She called me that quite a few times before realizing it was a name she had given me. I love my name and also my new parent whose name I forgot to tell you yet (sorry about that). Her name is Mrs. Perkins and she is a school teacher. I always see her cleaning the water bowls and giving me my food before she leaves for work. When she adopted me I was around three years old, and now I am five. Two years have passed, but it feels like just yesterday that she picked me in her arms and took me home without even hesitating. She also never fails to give me cuddles every night before we go to bed because I keep telling mommy…

And oh,

Yes, I love her so much! And guess what, I think she loves me too.

That’s Sally’s story from her perspective, and what a lovely story it was! We hope you loved it because we plan on bringing more such pet tales from a pet’s perspective in the coming weeks.

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