Pet Tales: I Thank My Stars

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We are back with ‘Pet Tales’, which means we’ll bring you another pet story. This time though, from a cat’s perspective. If you haven’t read our previous one titled Pet Tales: My Life Changed for Good, we recommend you to give that a read as well. So let us begin.

Hello, my name is Tinkerbelle, and I am a 4-year old Tabby cat. I have a story to tell you, people. So please pay attention. I don’t really remember how I came into this world, but I do remember that I was in a shelter home. The shelter guys took good care of me, but I felt as though something was missing in my life.

A few days later, a girl in her early twenties walked in, and after a few minutes, I saw her staring at me. She had a smile on her face, as she continued to stare at me. I then saw her pointing her finger towards me as she was speaking to one of the shelter guys who take care of me. Within a few moments, I was sitting in her car. Everything happened so fast that it was hard to comprehend what was happening. I let out some noises, and she probably knew I was in unfamiliar territory. She spoke in a soft tone and gave me a belly rub, which helped me calm down.

When we reached her home, she gave me a big bowl of milk to drink. I was so happy. And oh, I was two years old back then. After I had my milk, she took me to her room, and there was this beautiful cat bedding just for me. She released me on the soft bedding, petted my fur, kissed me, and then curled her legs and lay beside me. And yes, she did this on most days.

Days passed as I slowly got the hang of living with my pet parent Stacey Burns. She was just in her twenties but lived alone in a beautiful apartment. I loved how she took care of me by giving me meals on time. When she left for work every morning, without fail she fed me enough food to keep me going throughout the day.

Initially, I burdened Stacey by peeing and pooping all over the house. She even used to scold me, and I don’t blame her for that. Later, she potty trained me, and within a few weeks, I learned the tricks of the trade. I could see it in her eyes how happy she was when she saw me do my business in the bathroom or outside in the yard. I felt so much closer to her, and she loved me with all her heart and vice versa. Two years have already passed, and I am so lucky I met Stacey. Every day, since she adopted me, I have thanked my stars. I thank my stars that we crossed paths. I thank my stars that she took me home and not anyone else. Stacey is the best pet parent, and I am glad that two years till this day, she walked in through that shelter home door.

That’s it! Such a beautiful and heart touching story told from Tinkerbelle’s perspective. If you love such pet tales and want to read more, worry not, we will come up with another one very soon. Stay tuned.

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