Fast-Track Answers For Your Most Common Flea Questions

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FAQ About Fleas

Most pet parents already know about fleas and what havoc they play on the lives of their furry pals. Whether it is one-time treatment or a whole package of flea management program, pet parents are always looking for the most innovative way to treat these bloody critters. Whereas, there are those who are all new to the world of fleas and other such parasites and always have lots of questions in their minds regarding what are these creatures and how can they protect their lovable companions from the infestations.

To help them out, our vet has specially answered these questions providing some quick strategies to overall eliminate these pesky critters.

What are fleas?

These are wingless parasites that feed on dogs and cats.

What are fleas

How can I know my dog has fleas?

Dog has Fleas

Scratching and itching are the common signs of presence of fleas and ticks. Moreover, on close examination, you can find minute, dark insects that crawl through dog’s fur. Using a fine toothed flea comb, you can find fleas on dog’s coat. Take a damp cloth to pick out black specks you comb of the coat. If it is flea dirt, on the damp cloth it will turn out to be reddish-brown as the blood pigment dissolves.

How does my dog react in presence of fleas?


Some dogs are tolerable to flea bites with slight scratching while others have severe effects. Some dogs may show severe allergic reaction to flea bites or flea saliva. Due to this your dog show intense scratching and chewing of neck, thighs, ears and base of the tail. In extreme cases, there may be hair loss or other secondary skin conditions.

How do I control fleas?

To control fleas, along with treating dogs, it is important to consider the environment as most of the flea life cycle is carried out here. A combination of different flea control products need to be considered to minimize the spread and impact of flea infestation. A spot-on treatment kills adult fleas on dogs. A flea bomb helps to control flea infestation in environment including – backyard, lawn and nearby open spaces. Some products like program restricts the development of juvenile stages lowering flea population. However, to protect dog from recurring infestation, monthly flea treatment is necessary.

If I don’t use monthly treatment on my dog, can I just deal with a flea problem if it happens?

Fleas are too tough to deal with just at a time as they reappear again and again in the lack of regular treatments. Therefore, flea management program is quite necessary. 95% of flea problem is in the environment so just controlling and eliminating existing flea problem does not work. Work on with the fast acting product followed by monthly treatments like frontline plus or nexgard and cover the surrounding treatment with environmental flea sprays.  A good combination works perfectly in controlling flea infestation.

What are the dangers of fleas, in lack of monthly treatments?


With those irritating bites, fleas are gateway to many diseases. These parasites can cause hair loss, flea allergy dermatitis, secondary skin diseases and intestinal worm infection as they can carry tapeworm.

Do fleas only exist in dirty households?

The only way to protect your dog from fleas is through flea preventatives given year around. Unluckily, even the most meticulously cleaned home is likely to infest fleas if dog is not treated properly. Larvae resides in the crevices of floor and furniture, so no vacuuming can dislodge them or their pupae.

How long does flea live for?

The complete life cycle of flea from egg, larvae, pupae to adult takes about 15 days. However, under unfavorable conditions like extreme cold or lack of host, the pupa stage can become dormant and this can extent flea life cycle to over a year. On sensing vibrations, warmth and carbon di oxide, which directs towards animal presence, it finishes development into adult and emerges out of cocoon.


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