Excellent Tips To Keep Your Cat Active & Stimulated During Winter

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Winter season comes with cold weather and short days which make us and our pets lazy. But, it is important that we stay active and keep our furry pal’s active. So that we can maintain a healthy body condition and optimal health, even after the outdoor temperature drops. Here are some tips to keep your cat stimulated during winter.

Ways To Keep Your Cat Active This Winter

Make Mealtime Stimulating:

Cat Stimulation

Your cat can get overweight, if she eats a big meal and then go to sleep all day. You can avoid this by hiding the food of your cat in multiple bowls in the different places of the house. You can even feed your kitty in small portion of meals  multiple times in a day. This will also help her metabolism to work best.

Make Treat Time Fun Too:

cat with treats

You can play games with her for an hour like hide and seek with a catnip toy or with her favorite cat treats. You can hide her any favorite toy in a place where she is able to see. When she come and get that toy, give her a treat. As she starts understanding the game, make it more difficult for her to find.

Try Teaching Them Some Tricks:

cat playing tricks

Even cats can learn the simple tricks like dogs such as come, sit, fetch, go and stay. You ask her to do and reward her with the treats, after she follows your instructions. Make sure, you don’t overfeed her with treats. Break the treat into small pieces to limit the in take of treats.

Cat Trees:

cat with cat tree

You can think of putting up a cat tree. All the cats love to climb, so that they can survey their kingdom better. Cats like to explore new places and to relax in.

Bounce And Pounce for Cat

bounce and pounce playing cat
There are a wide variety of cats toys which you can get easily in the market or online. You can also create a toy in the house itself from feathers to balls pretty much anything dangling from a string make your cat bounce off the couch and  move around.

Stimulating your kitty during winter season will be fun for your furry pal and as well as you.

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