Interesting Facts Of The Most Famous First Dogs Of The US Presidents At White House

Facts of the Most Famous First Dogs Of the US Presidents

With the present president being selected the office, it is quite strange to know that President Donald Trump does not have any pets, and he is the first president to move into the White House without a pet in 150 years. And, most probably no First Dog to be declared yet.

To freshen up our memory of the First Dogs of the United States of some of the famous presidents, let’s start voting.

Some of the Most Famous First Dogs of the US Presidents

George Washington – 15 Dogs

George Washington with Dog

The first president of the US – George Washington had 15 dogs of various breeds as his pets. Some of the breeds that were included in the president’s pet clan were hounds, Dalmatians, Greyhounds, Newfoundland, Braids, and spaniels, terriers to name a few.

The First Dog was Sweetlips – a hound during his presidential rule.

John Adams – 2 Dogs

john adams with pets

The second president John Adams was quite selective as he had only two dogs (mixed-breed dogs) of unknown breed. Juno and Satan belong to his pet list, whereas Juno took to the place of First Dog of America during John Adams’s period.

John Tyler – 1 Dog

John Tyler With Dog

With a horse as his favorite pet, John Tyler had a greyhound to adore on his pet list. Le Beau took to the place of First Dog after Juno.

James Buchanan 1 Dog

James Buchanan with Lara

Passionate about his only dog Lara who belongs to the Newfoundland breed, James Buchanan gave her the place to be the first dog.

John F. Kennedy – 9 Dogs

John F. Kennedy with Dogs

One of the most Loved US presidents had surely given his heart to dogs. With different dog breeds in the kennel, he was quite passionate about them. And not his wife – Caroline Kennedy was out of this caravan. Admiring her special bondage to dogs, the First Lady was gifted with Pushinka as a token of love. And no doubt, the first dog was Charlie – a real Welsh Terrier.

The office of the President did not lay the declaration of First Dog until the 39th President of the United States. It is only during the 40th President of the U.S. – Ronald Reagan that the First Dog honor came into existence. However, exploring about the love of the above presidents, the rank of First Dog has been listed (frictionally).

Ronald Reagan – 2 Dogs

Ronald Reagan with Dog

To reduce the presidential stress of Ronald Reagan – the two dogs had a special place in his office. Lucky, which belongs farm dog breed – Bouvier des Flandres and Rex – a sporty nature dog breed Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. The First Dog position was claimed by Rex and the attention was equally shared by both dogs.

Bill Clinton – 1 Dog

Bill Clinton With Dog

Quite famous for the controversies during his regime, Bill Clinton had Buddy (Labrador Retriever) to claim the position of the first dog as his only dog.

Barack Obama: 2 Dogs


Bringing a turning point in the political arena of the United States, Barack Obama was the first African American to serve as President as well as first born outside the contagious United States. Apart from his family, he shares his love and his real stress busters had been the two dogs – Bo and Sunny both of the Portuguese Water Dog breed. He declared Bo as the First Dog of the United States. Taking his dogs on vacation has something that reflects light on his animal lover part.

Donald Trump – 0 Dog

Donald Trump with Goldendoodle
The present President of the United States of America – Donald Trump does not have any pets until he became the president, which is well known to all Americans. After stepping into the presidency he chooses the breed Goldendoodle named Patton (after World War II General George Patton) to be the First Dog for the First Family.

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