Prepare Your Dog For Your New Baby’s Arrival

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prepare dog for new baby's arrival

Oh that’s great news! new born baby is going to arrive to your house. If you own a dog, how are you going to familiar your new born baby to your pooch? Hmmm… So, It will be a good idea to start preparing your pooch for your baby’s arrival early in your pregnancy. By planning ahead and training your dog, will help you to create a bond between your baby and your furry pal. Here are the seven ways to get your dog ready to meet your new baby:

Ways To Prepare Your Dog For Your New Baby’s Arrival

Change Dog’s Schedule During Baby’s Arrival:

change the schedule with doggy during new baby arrival
Make some changes in your dog’s schedule. Before the baby comes home, that is before 6 months. Gradually change his place where he won’t be disturbed, stock his food bowl, water dish, blanket and favorite toys. This will give your pooch a place where he can relax in silence, when he’s overstimulated by your crying baby or household commotion.

New Sounds of Baby for Doggy:

New Baby Sounds for Dogs
Play a tape recorder of baby crying, so that your dog get trained for the new sounds. You can play this from time to time, so that your dog can adjust to this sound before your new baby arrives.

Train Your Dog for Baby:

dog basic training by mom
It is really important to train your dog perfectly for simple commands like sit, stay, down. Make sure you reward him with treat when he follows your command, so that he take the training session positively.

Baby’s Articles:

new baby items and doggy

You can bring some of the babies article like powder, clothing or blanket, so that your dog can get used to the infant’s smell. You can even replace your dog’s toy with your baby toy, so that he get familiar with new baby’s scent.

New Baby Arrives At Home:

New Baby Arrives At Home

When you arrive home with your new born baby, make sure that only you greet your pup. Don’t introduce your dog to the baby or he may get excited and jump on her/him. Let your furry pal adjust to the smell, sight and sound of the baby for few days before introducing them face to face.

Allow To Sniff:

doggy sniffing new baby
After few day let your dog sniff the baby, but make sure he is controlled on the leash. Pet and praise him, while he sniff and reward a treat. Once your pooch get’s used to the baby’s smell, allow the dog to sniff baby off leash, and praise him for being good and reward him a treat. To make him familiar with your baby’s scent you can even place an item in your dog’s food bowl and put the food on top.

Baby Crawling:

Baby Crawling with Dog

When your baby start to crawl make sure that you don’t live him/her alone with dog as he/she may attempt to pull the dog’s tail or ears. Even the most tolerant dog has limit, as it may warm this for doing by snapping and growling. Never leave your baby alone with even the most trusted dog.

Hope, with the above ways you will be able to build a strong bond between your new born baby and  dog. All The Best !!

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