3 Biggest Trend Setters In The Pet Food Industry

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Biggest Trend Setters in the Pet Food Aisle

The pet food industry has grown by leaps and bounds in recent times. Today there is an explosion of new pet diets in our country. With wide array of pet food options available online from organic, raw to limited-ingredient varieties, it becomes a daunting task to select the best diet for your furry pal. So, how do you know which food is as good as it is claimed? Let us look at the next big things in the pet food domain that are a must-buy:

Latest Pet Food Industry Trends In 2017

Organic Diets for Pets

Organic Pet Food for Healthy DietOrganic diets for pets is one of the hottest trends in our country. Many of these diets comprise of “human-grade” or “sustainable-sourced” ingredients but there is no standardized definition of organic when it comes to pet food. Although treats can be made with fully organic ingredients, it is difficult to get comprehensive and balanced pet food because there is no way to certify non-organically produced components including minerals, vitamins or other additives. Furthermore, there is a different interpretation of USDA rules about what makes pet food qualified as a certified organic. While you can still get high-quality organic pet food, it is very intricate to believe everything that you read on the product label.

Limited-Ingredient Diets for Pets

Ingredient Diet for PetsLimited-ingredient diets also known as limited-allergen diets have been specifically developed for pets dealing with medical conditions like allergies or intestinal problems including inflammatory bowel disease and food allergy. These diets are made up of a single protein source and a single carbohydrate source. The reason for that is due to the limited ingredients in the diet the medical issue can be treated without any further problem. Hence, a novel protein like rabbit or a duck is used in the diet. It has been researched and proven that these diet aid in managing specific medical conditions in pets. The type of diet that is best for your pet is contingent on the condition that is being treated, your pet’s age, activity level and concurrent medical problems.

Raw Food Diets for Pets

raw pets food dietPeople in favor of raw food diet are under the impression that raw food diets are superior to a processed diet as they are more like what pets are used to eat in the wild. It is also considered to be more nutritious than standard foods. But there is no scientific evidence to back this fact. The problem with raw food diets is that there is an element of risk involved of illness as a result of bacterial contamination or transmission of parasites in uncooked meals. This is not only a risk for the pet, but also the pet owner and the entire family. Elderly people, children or people with weak immune systems are the ones that are particularly at risk.

If you are planning to get any of these pet food for your furry pal do it slowly and gradually so that your pet gets accustomed to the new diet. In case of any problems, do get in touch with your veterinarian.

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