5 Easy STEPS To Follow If You Find A Lost Pet

5 Easy STEPS to Follow If You Find a Lost Pet

For a pet owner, losing a pet can be one of the most heartbreaking experiences of life. On the contrary, finding a pet might be little frustrating and a lot confusing. When you see a pet littering in the neighborhood or wandering on the roadside, you may like to help to get the lost pet to home. However, you are all in whirlpool wondering where to start.

Here are a few tips for some good karma related to pet out into the world to help unite lost dogs and cats to their worried human partners.

What To Do If You Find A Lost Pet

Take Pictures Of That Pet

Whenever you find a pet just looking for the owner, the first and the best thing you can do is to snap a picture of the pet as soon as possible. This way even if you are unable to take him or provide shelter, you can look for him in the various ads and posters to let his human partner know that you sighted him.

Provide Shelter To The Lost Animal

If possible, try to provide shelter to the pet or contain and confine the animal in a safe area. With the help of treats or delicious food lure him to a safe haven and put collar around his neck for the safety or lure him to the fenced yard, a garage or a carrier box, or even your car can suffice for safe confinement. Lost pets are often scared and distrustful of strangers, therefore, you need to be more cautious while approaching them. They may turn out to be aggressive or defensive, when approached too early.

In case the pet is growling, snarling, barking or in defensive posture, call your local animal control department as soon as possible. When they are aggressive do not try to approach them.

Scan A Microchip

When the animal is safely confined and you have abled to build trust, then try to get it to a shelter or veterinarian to be scanned for a microchip. It would be easier to locate the pet parent of the lost pet when he is implanted with the chip. If vets or shelter homes are closed for the day, you can look online at Facebook groups, Pet social media networks or local ads for missing pet’s description.

If you find that a missing pet ad resembles the one you have found, then contact the poster and offer to send the details and photo you took to confirm that it is indeed, their lost pet. Also request the person claiming ownership of the pet to provide a proof of ownership and verify the same before handling down the pet to them. The proof can be official identification card or some form of photo with the family taken in the past.

Treatments To Pet

Sometimes, roaming on the streets, lost pet may be infested with fleas or ticks. If you have found that the animal is constantly scratching or itching, then it might be having parasitic infestations. Further look for more symptoms and treat him with Flea And Tick Treatment Products. It might be possible that due to missing of his regular treatment, he has been infested by fleas and ticks. So, taking him to a vet or treating him with authentic flea and tick control product can lower the symptoms.

Time To Decide

Unfortunately, if the pet does not have either microship or collar ID, you got to work out other options. Keep the pet with you and contact your local pet shelter home or animal protection department for help. Or if you decide to keep the pet with you until you can return him home, post ads on Facebook or other social network pages of shelter homes, and post fliers in high visibility areas within a few miles of the location where you have found the pet. It is also good to take the fliers to the local pet shelter homes or vet’s offices in case the pet owners are looking for their lost pet.

If you have decided to surrender the animal to a shelter or rescue home, then look for no-kill organizations in your area and ask veterinarians or trainers for advice. They are often in contact with such organizations and can recommend the ethical one.

It may be tiresome when looking forward to help a lost pet. But, there is nothing more humane than this. A little stress, hard work and stress on your part, can save a life of an animal and help him to get back to his rightful destination.

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