September – The National Service Dog Month

National Service Dog Month

Service dogs are a helping hand in disguise for humans. They devote their entire life serving people, caring for and helping their human companions. Designated tasks for humans that need care and support are carried out by service dogs, which have been specifically trained to do so.

Every year we celebrate the month of September as National Service Dog Month to recognize the valuable support of service dogs. This month raises awareness and glorifies the impact these special heroes have on people with disabilities.

Keep reading to learn the history, ways to celebrate, fun activities, and how to stay involved in honoring the efforts of these exceptional dogs.

History of National Service Dog Month and Why We Celebrate It

An actor and animal advocate Dick Van Patten formed National Service Dog Month in the year 2008. To celebrate the extraordinary help of service dogs to humans with disorders. Recognizing their valuable efforts, Dick Van Patten started a fundraising program to support and appreciate these dedicated dogs and the funds were used to train and care for these dogs.

Human beings have suffered from various ailments and medical conditions that have impacted their life’s quality and mental peace. Some of the common disorders humans experience include blindness, hearing issues, mental traumas, seizures, and special conditions like autism that require special attention. The concept of service dogs evolved with the realization that humans with these conditions required physical assistance to perform their daily activities.

Service dogs assist humans with disabilities to stay self-dependent and enjoy a quality life. The intent of service dogs is to provide a companion that protects and serves the people they assist. National Service Dog Month puts them into the limelight and educates us on how important service dogs are for people with disabilities.

First, let us understand who these service dogs are.

Who are service dogs? And Where Do They Come From?

The concept of service dogs began in 1975. Some dog breeds got special training to perform specific tasks such as fetching objects, helping balance, giving diabetic and seizure alerts, helping physically disabled people, and supporting people with special needs.

Many organizations fulfill twofold objectives of training dogs and saving animals by using the rescued animals and putting them to this work. These organizations obtain legal rights to follow their handler to support people with physical and mental disabilities.

How to Celebrate National Service Dog Month?

Here are a few ways to celebrate National Service Dog Month:

Raise Awareness

Help in raising awareness about these facility dogs by sharing pictures and posts on social media throughout National Service Dog Month. You can also tag people who use service dogs and ask them to share their experiences with others.

Set Aside Extra Time

During National Service Dog Month you can set aside some extra time for your service dog. You can utilize this extra time to play with your service dog and offer extra treats to appreciate them and show that you care for them.


You can donate to your local service dog organization and help them achieve their cause. You can even donate your valuable time to help walk the dogs or volunteer in fundraising activities. Donating time or money is one of the best activities you can do during National Service Dog Month.

Now let’s read a few interesting facts about service dogs.

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Some Interesting Facts about Service Dogs

Here are some fascinating facts about service dogs:

  • Service dogs do not carry any baggage
  • Service dogs have no gear
  • One cannot keep service dogs in zoos or worship places
  • A few service dogs help with opening doors and pulling the wheelchairs.
  • Neuromuscular stimulation exercises and training of service dogs start when the pup is just two days old.
  • There are about 500,000 service dogs in the United States.

Service Dogs – Frequently Asked Questions

1) What are the most common service dogs?

Many dogs fall into the category of service dogs based on their uniqueness. The most common service dogs are Labradors, Golden Retrievers, and German Shepherds.

2) How many types of service dogs are there?

There are about eight general categories of service dogs including Guide Dogs, Hearing Dogs, PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) Service Dogs, Diabetic Alert Dogs, Allergy Detection Dogs, Seizure Response Dogs, Mobility Assistance Dogs, and Autism Service Dogs.

3) A service dog can go to which places?

In general, service dogs can accompany their companion in all areas open to the public such as restaurants, hotels, taxis, departmental stores and general grocers, hospitals and medical facilities, and places of recreation like parks, theaters, health clubs, and malls.


The service canines epitomize the remarkable healing powers of the human-animal bond, as they are a human’s loyal friend and companion. These specially trained dogs are devoted, loving, and dependable by nature. Service dogs provide emotional support, help reduce stress and depression, and calm your anxiety. These dogs are valuable friends, especially for adults because they ease their loneliness. So ensure that you make the most of this National Service Dog Month.

Take Care Of Your Service Dogs