Guard Dogs- Which Breed Is The Best?

Detailed blog on top 10 best guard dogs for families

For as long as humans have known domestication, Dogs have been a popular choice of pet for their ability to protect our loved ones and property. Some dog breeds are better at understanding an individual, say their pet parent, while others understand the entire family and will protect each member as if they were their own.

Guard dogs are breeds that have been bred for several years to defend their humans and property against invaders. With a guard dog as a part of your family, you can have peace of mind, knowing that you have someone that is looking out for your family all day round. These breeds are fearless and wouldn’t hesitate before putting themselves between a threat and their family.

Numerous factors are taken into consideration before declaring the best guard dogs for an individual family. But how would you know which of these breeds will be a suitable companion for you and your family?  Don’t worry, we did that for you. Keep reading till the end to learn about the Top 10 Best Guard Dogs for Families!

Top 10 Best Guard Dogs for Families

#10 Catahoula Leopard Dog

Catahoula Leopard Guard Dog Breed
  • History- Known for hunting and herding livestock.
  • Physical appearance- Muscular with a rectangular body, and a large head with dropped ears.
  • Personality- Intense, serious, highly intelligent, and have high concentration power.
  • Temperament- Protective; while being less likely to be aggressive.
  • Training- Easily trainable, they seek to please their humans.
  • Health- Prone to develop conditions like hip dysplasia, hearing loss, and vision issues.
  • Grooming- Require regular grooming and prefer to stay clean.
  • Pros- Intelligent, energetic, protective, and loyal.
  • Cons- Prone to health issues.

#9 Giant Schnauzer

Giant Schnauzer Dogs for Guarding your family
  • History- Originally bred as a multipurpose farm dog for guarding property and herding animals.
  • Physical appearance- Compact and sturdy appearance with a stiff wiry coat.
  • Personality- Watchful, composed, deeply loyal, and courageous.
  • Temperament- Aggressive towards other animals.
  • Training- Easily trainable, they should be socialized at an early age.
  • Health- Overall healthy.
  • Grooming- Require regular grooming every six to eight weeks.
  • Pros- Highly intelligent, hard-working, protective, and loyal.
  • Cons- If left unsocialized, they may get unfriendly and highly aggressive.

#8 Thai Ridgeback Rottweiler

Thai Ridgeback Rottweiler Guard Dog for Family
  • History- Domesticated to guard, hunt down, and pull carts.
  • Physical appearance- Medium-sized, extremely muscular dogs with streamlined bodies.
  • Personality- Loyal, loving, protective, and reserved.
  • Temperament- Protective and moderately aggressive to other animals.
  • Training- Difficult to train and don’t easily socialize.
  • Health- Susceptible to bacterial and viral infections.
  • Grooming– Require occasional brushing, may shed once or twice a year.
  • Pros- Tough, active, strong survival instinct, and loyal.
  • Cons- Need intensive training for them to be safe for children.

#7 German Shepherd Dog

German Shepherd Dog Breed to protect your family
  • History- Initially bred as herding dogs. Later, started training them as search-and-rescue, disability assistance, and warfare.
  • Physical appearance- Large, deep-chested, elongated body with large and erect ears.
  • Personality- Loyal, intelligent, confident, and energetic.
  • Temperament- Moderately protective and have the potential to be aggressive.
  • Training- Easily trained and obedient.
  • Health- Generally healthy and energetic.
  • Grooming- Easy to maintain, requires quick brushing (every few days) and occasional bathing.
  • Pros- Athletic and highly trainable.
  • Cons- Shed a lot and expensive to own.

#6 Chesapeake Bay Retriever

Chesapeake Bay Retriever Dog Breed
  • History- Kept by waterfowl hunters as athletic dogs that could swim in frigid waters.
  • Physical appearance- Strong and powerful gundogs with a wavy waterproof coat.
  • Personality- Protective, polite, and versatile athletes.
  • Temperament- Less likely to be aggressive but dominant and bossy.
  • Training- Easily trained and obedient.
  • Health- Generally healthy and few may have crippling joint and bone problems.
  • Grooming- Requires quick brushing once a week and occasional bathing.
  • Pros- Very strong and protective, and has a high affinity for children.
  • Cons- Not tolerant of other male dogs, susceptible to crippling joint and bone problems.

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#5 Bullmastiff

Bullmastiff breed to guard your family
  • History- Initially bred as a guard dog.
  • Physical appearance- Large, square-shaped body with V-shaped ears and dark eyes.
  • Personality- Mild-mannered and docile along with being relaxed, outgoing, and smart.
  • Temperament- Aggressive with other male dogs and strangers.
  • Training- Very easy to train.
  • Health- Greater risk of cardiac, hip, elbow, and thyroid issues.
  • Grooming– Need grooming every eight weeks or so.
  • Pros- Do not need much exercise and easy to groom.
  • Cons- Do not get along with other animals and get separation anxiety.

#4 Doberman Pinscher 

Doberman Pinscher Dog breed for Protecting your family
  • History- Were developed to make a breed of guard dogs.
  • Physical appearance- Long head and a sleek, muscular body, with a distinct glistening coat.
  • Personality- Intelligent, fearless, obedient, alert, and energetic.
  • Temperament- Protective and aggressive only to perceived threats.
  • Training- Very easy to train.
  • Health- Generally healthy, but may be prone to bloat- a serious digestive condition.
  • Grooming- Need occasional grooming to reduce shedding.
  • Pros- Great adventure buddies and easy to train, considered as one of the best guard dogs.
  • Cons- Separation anxiety, don’t do well in cold weather.

#3 Beauceron

Beauceron guard dogs breeds
  • History- Used as a herding dog and a livestock guardian.
  • Physical appearance- Muscular, rugged, and large.
  • Personality- Confident, fearless, and friendly.
  • Temperament- Steady-tempered and serious.
  • Training- Obedient and easy to train.
  • Health- Prone to hip dysplasia, heart disease, allergies, and eye problems.
  • Grooming- Require brushing once or twice a week.
  • Pros- Intelligent and protective of their family.
  • Cons- Aggressive towards other animals and strong-willed.

#2 Anatolian Shepherd Dog

Family Guardian Anatolian Shepherd Dog breed
  • History- Bred to guard flocks from predators.
  • Physical appearance- Profusely muscled with a broad heavy head.
  • Personality- Steady, smart, bold, and proud.
  • Temperament- Moderately protective and less likely to be aggressive.
  • Training- Very stubborn and difficult to train.
  • Health- Generally a healthy breed but may be prone to hip dysplasia.
  • Grooming- Need brushing every few days.
  • Pros- Excellent guardian and protector, one of the best guard dogs.
  • Cons- Strong-willed.

#1 Akita

Akita dog breed for guarding your family
  • History- Were employed as hunting and fighting dogs.
  • Physical appearance- Burly, heavy-boned body with a broad and large head.
  • Personality- Quiet, independent-thinking, and fastidious.
  • Temperament- Stubborn and composed.
  • Training- Assertive and moderately difficult to train.
  • Health- Prone to renal dysplasia.
  • Grooming- Require weekly grooming.
  • Pros- Loyal, affectionate, and best guard dogs.
  • Cons- Not suitable for first-time owners; requires a lot of socialization.

Why Guard Dogs?

A guard dog can be of great help when it comes to the protection of you, your family, and your property. They will bark or otherwise notify you of potential intruders, but they will not attack. They have a protective instinct for their family; that has been refined over hundreds of years and they continue to do so. They’d rather bite or fight, than cave in against dangers for protecting their family- You. When a dog bonds with you, it considers you as its parent, friend, companion, and protector. They’d do something to protect you from dangerous situations in a heartbeat. Who wouldn’t like having a furry companion who’d stay loyal to you even in danger?

Final Thoughts on Best Guard Dogs

Guard dogs are capable of providing a superior level of protection against potential dangers to you, your loved ones, and your homes. These hounds can be trained to be more than just your everyday pet. They would safeguard you from dangers and stay loyal to you just like any other breed of dog. They are friendly and loving companions that would always treat you as their top priority.