National Cat Day- Sneak Peek at the Best Cat Cafes across the US

National Cat Day is an occasion when cat lovers and their furry companions join together with the sole objective of spending the most joyful day ever in each other’s company. It is always a good idea to go out to a fancy place and relish the atmosphere together. However, the sad reality is that there are very few quality establishments where they permit the presence of animals along with humans.

National Cat Day

Cats are either shooed away disrespectfully or respectfully evicted in several cases. Thankfully, there are certain cafes which cater exclusively to cats and have all the necessary amenities for ensuring a perfectly good time for visitors along with their kitties. There are special events like art classes, movie nights also organized at the same time which ensures the complete experience for your furry munchkin. Cat owners can also develop a good bond with fellow cat lovers in these cafes which are the perfect avenues for having a jolly good time this National Cat Day.

Anyone looking for the purrfect way to spend his time this National cat day should certainly take a look at these 5 cat cafes which have been rated as the best ever across the US:

Cat-Friendly Cafes in USA

Meow Parlour, New York:

The cat cafe which is based in New York and is recognized as the first ever to be established in the city provides an attractive range of activities for cat lovers like treats which are themed like cats and drinks as well. Not only th butis, one can also enjoy the luxury of enjoying yoga and kitties’ session at the cafe for a reasonable fee.

Denver Cat Company:

This amazing cafe based in Denver provides an open art studio along with arts classes which are themed in an attractive fashion deemed likable for cats. One simply needs to pay a sum of $5 per person in order to enjoy unlimited time in the cafe with your kitty.

Cat Town Cafe, Oakland:

It is deemed as the first cat cafe to open on a permanent basis in the US. With the interior design of this cafe inspired by the Port of Oakland’s cargo cranes and dock area, it is certainly a sight to behold. Not only this, this astounding cafe also enjoys a wide variety of merchandise based around cats along with a rotating cat-centric art gallery.

Koneko, New York:

The cafe enjoys a distinct feel to it because of the apparent influence of Japanese culture on the activities and designs. Koneko is referred to as “kitten” is Japanese with the cafe best described as a sake bar and cat cafe. The cafe enjoys a menu which has a distinct flavor of Japan to it as apparent with the addition of Sake. Cats can freely roam around the 3 cat-centric spaces in the cafe and enjoy complete freedom. Anyone who wishes to enjoy the joys of the cafe can witness the extraordinary artwork and activities that celebrate the culture of Japan.

These cat cafes are certainly extremely wonderful and well-planned out with a plethora of attractive activities available for public consumption. A trip down to one of these cafes on national cat day would be a great source of joy for both you as well as your furry munchkin.