Nexgard vs. Comfortis for dogs: Which is the better product?

Parasites like fleas, ticks, heartworms suck the blood out of the bodies of our furry friends spreading deadly illnesses which can prove fatal if not tackled effectively. The immense threat posed by them to the health of your pets is something you are well aware of and realise the need to eliminate at the earliest. Two of the most popular products in the market which have earned a solid reputation on the back of consistent quality results against these vermin’s are Comfortis and Nexgard. However, it is also important to take a look at the product which is the finest weapon against the threats faced considering the needs of consumers who wish to purchase a single product capable of providing ultimate relief against all the parasites with long-term benefits. Let’s take a look at both the products and consider the better product currently available between the two:


Nexgard vs. Comfortis for dogs

Nexgard vs. Comfortis for dogs – Effectiveness & Side Effects


The soft and delicious beef flavored tablet provides protection to dogs for as long as a month against the menace of fleas and ticks. It is an FDA approved product which has been deemed safe for consumption of dogs of all shapes and sizes. The tablets are available in specific color-coded packages which come in 4 sizes. The main USP of the product is the fact that is it can be administered orally with great ease. The product renders a dog free of any form of fleas while at the same time allowing it to indulge in activities like bathing, swimming with great ease.

Effectiveness & Side Effects of Nexgard:

The product contains afoxolaner which results in a high degree of effectiveness at killing fleas. Afoxolaner stimulates the nervous system of the flea, killing them before they can multiply by laying eggs. Their death results in them rising up to the dog’s hair coat making it easy to brush them off. Nexgard guarantees relief of 100% of fleas within a period of just 24 hours. Nexgard has also demonstrated an effectiveness of 100% against American Dog ticks following infestation for a period of as much as one month. The active ingredient present in Nexgard ensures success against Brown Dog Tick, lone star tick, black-legged tick infestations as well at the same time.

At the same time, Nexgard has also resulted in dogs facing side effects like depression, vomiting, cold limbs, and diarrhea which is an area of concern. Dog owners with lactating, pregnant and breeding dogs should avoid utilising the product at any cost.

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Key Instructions:

  • Administer Nexgard considering the weight of your dog. Over dosage can prove fatal.
  • Do not feed the tablet to your dog in pieces. It should be consumed as a complete piece in itself.
  • The product is perfect for puppies that are more than 8 weeks old and weigh at least 4 pounds if not greater.


Comfortis eliminates fleas in as quickly as half an hour, preventing them from laying any eggs at the same time. Not only this, but it also protects the pets against fleas for as long as 1 month. The product is safe for utilization on pups that are at least 14 weeks old and canines that weigh 3.3 lbs and more. It is available in the form of a chewable, beef-flavored tablet as well just like Nexgard.

Effectiveness & Side Effects of Comfortis:

Comfortis contains an active ingredient named spinosad which can provide relief from fleas within just half an hour and provide complete protection from fleas within just 3 hours. The product ensures a flea-free existence for your beloved pet as well as protection for as long as 1 month because of the elimination of fleas before they can lay eggs. Some of the side effects of Comfortis include vomiting, depression, trembling, and seizure with vets encouraging caution in case the dog being administered treatment is breeding.

Key Instructions:

  • Comfortis should only be provided with a full meal.
  • The antidote should be administered on a month basis at the same time.
  • The product should be provided for consumption all-year-round without any interruption.

In our opinion, Nexgard is a better product to be invested in for those pet lovers who wish to enjoy protection against fleas and ticks because of the all-around protection it guarantees. At the same time, Comfortis is the perfect fit for those pet owners who wish to seek relief solely against the menace of ticks. We recommend pet lovers to consider the sensitivities of their pets towards the ingredients in both the products before indulging in a purchase to ensure protection against harmful side-effects.