Halloween: Laughable Superstitions about Cats

Halloween, the extremely popular festival enjoys the unique distinction of witnessing the active participation of people from all walks of life in activities like Trick or Treat, scary costume based theme parties. At the same time, there are a few superstitions which have been considered part and parcel of the festival folklore and are extremely unpopular especially amongst cat lovers due to the infamy surrounding their beloved furry munchkins. Cats are labeled as evil and emblematic of Halloween due to certain folklore which described as the apprentices of witches. This infamy has been encouraged on the basis of a few laughable superstitions which if dispelled can help portray our beloved four-legged companions in a good light:



• Black Cats are harbingers of Bad Luck:

Has your beloved black cat ever given you anything but undying love and attention through thick and thin with his happiness boosting your overall confidence? Your response certainly indicates what you should make about this hare-brained superstition which looks to defame our beloved furry munchkins.

• Cats always land perfectly on their feet due to the powers they have gained from Witches:

Cats enjoy flexible backbones which certainly help ensure enhanced comfort when it comes to making jumps and landing from a distance. At the same time, Cats are also extremely self-conscious in nature and are hence very cautious about making fools of themselves in front of humans. The lack of clumsiness on their part when it comes to making jumps or landing has led to this amusing superstition which should be ignored at the very first instance. Cats have their own limitations and strengths which should be respected.

• Cats have 9 Lives:

While every cat parent desires to have a cat enjoying 9 lives, it is hardly the case sadly due to the rules of nature. Cats are incredibly skilled and self-aware creatures that have grown to protect themselves and learned to evade any possible danger through keen observation skills. This ability to escape from even from the most dangerous of circumstances has led to this hilarious superstition which is certainly not true.

• Cats will suck the breath from babies:

Cats have proved to be nothing but the most adorable and trustworthy companions of infants, protecting from any potential parasites or threats. There have been several instances where cats have silently borne the antics of human kids and infants at their own expense silently swallowing the immense pride in their hearts. The superstition arose from improper medical analysis back in 1791 where the cause of a child’s death was attributed to a cat sucking his breath leading to strangulation. Analysis revealed the medical condition to be SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) which has no remote connection with cats.

It is important for the average public to free their minds of any unscientific and unreasonable superstitions which cannot be justified and grow to embrace the immense contribution of cats to our daily lives. The perfect way of thanking and rewarding them this Halloween would be to purchase quality products at the lowest possible prices with free shipping from Budget Pet Care, one of the most reliable pet websites currently out there.