25 Amazing Cat Facts On Global Cat Day

Have you ever wondered why we like our cats so much? Well, we like them because cats are fun to be with. They are mischievous; they scratch, purr, climb and jump in whatsoever manner they would like to. Their free-spirited and living-life-on their-own-terms attitude makes us go gaga over them. Cats make our best partners in crime and spoil us to the extent that you could even find yourself slouching on the couch for hours while she sleeps right beside you. We all love our cats and that’s a fact, but do we really know them well? So, on this Global Cat Day, we have listed down some intriguing facts about kitties that will take you a step closer to knowing your furry munchkin.

Amazing Cat Facts On Global Cat Day

Cat Facts You Never Knew Before

  1. Cats can jump from a 30 storied building onto a concrete and may still survive.
  2. Cat’s taste buds cannot sense sweet things.
  3. They meow only to communicate with humans.
  4. Purring is a self-healing act for cats when they feel anxious or stressed out.
  5. Cats show love to their human companions by squinting eyes known as ‘cat kisses’ or by head-butting.
  6. Having a cat reduces the risk of heart attack in adult and senior citizens by a third.
  7. There is 90% similarity between a human and a cat’s brain.
  8. Cats generally have a stronger immune system than dogs and can even survive through heartworm disease.
  9. Those whiskers are there for a reason. They allow cats to fathom the area or space so they can fit properly.
  10. Cats sweat through their foot pads.
  11. Cat’s nose ridges/nose pattern is unique just like the human fingerprint.
  12. A cat sleeps for almost 70% of his/her total life.
  13. You might know what a group of lions is called or what you call to a group of birds, but do you know how a group of cats is termed? It’s a clowder. Just in case if you are still pondering over the term for a group of lions, it is called pride and for birds it’s flock.
  14. Food pads act as sweat pads for cats.
  15. Ever tried moving your ears separately? Your cats can do that like a pro!
  16. In Egypt, cats were revered as a deity.
  17. Mau is the oldest breed of cats.
  18. Compared to humans who can hear sounds only up to 20kHz, cats can listen to sounds as high as 64kHz.
  19. Cats mark their territory by rubbing their human friend.
  20. Cat fleas are a major cause of illness in dogs and other animals, including humans.
  21. Kitties are talkative and the more you talk to them, the more they will reply through her meows.
  22. Cats are dominating and they love to get their hold on everything around them, even you.
  23. They are cleanliness freaks and always like to cover their litter.
  24. Scratching is normal in cats and helps them to trim their nails. However, some cats also scratch due to boredom.
  25. Most male cats (Toms) are left-handed whereas female cats (queens) are right-handed. And most of them don’t have thumbs.

Cats are really interesting and mysterious creatures. If you get to know them well, they can be your best friends. Hope these facts have taken you a step forward in knowing your cat well.

National Feral Cat Day is all about saving cats and their rights to roam freely. In the midst of all the support, care and love you could garner for other cats, don’t forget to attend to your kitty first. Take good care of the companion who has been bursting your stress for years. She needs your attention as much as other cats outside your vicinity. Take her out safely, vaccinate her for diseases and treat her with preventatives so your partner in fun and frolic stays healthy to accompany you everywhere. Even to the cat campaigns you would be visiting this Global Cat Day.

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