Dog Dandruff – Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

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Dog Dandruff

YES! You read it right. Dogs like humans face the problem of dry skin or dandruff. Due to their furry bodies, the white, scaly stuff can be found all over their body. Excess fur increases the extent of the dandruff problem in dogs. Called as seborrhea in scientific terms, dandruff is actually a skin condition caused by dry skin in dogs. The flaky substance or dead skin is highly noticeable in pets with dark skin coats.

What are the causes of dog dandruff?

Some of the most common reasons for dry skin in dogs are:

Weather changes: Dogs lose natural moisture due to weather changes and atmospheric shifts. Dry air saps away moisture from your pet’s skin leaving him with dandruff and itchy skin.

Allergies: Allergies due to food, pollens, household cleansers etc are also a prominent reason for dandruff in dogs. As the allergens directly touch the pet’s skin, they result in such a topical reaction.

Mites: The biggest culprit for dog dandruff is Chyletiella mites, which are more commonly referred as walking dandruff. They live on the pet’s skin and reproduce there causing more itching to the pet.

Skin infections: Fungal and bacterial infections also make the dog’s skin dry, half-cracked and patchy. Underlying fungus or bacteria will dehydrate the skin resulting in dandruff.

Diet: A dog’s coat suffers the most due to inadequate vitamins, mineral and hydrations, which he gets from his food. Therefore, a diet that lacks nutrition shows up into flaky skin.

What are the common symptoms of dog dandruff?

  • Excessive Itching
  • Skin lesions
  • Biting of skin coat
  • White powdery substance on skin and coat
  • Moving skin flakes

What is the treatment for dry skin in dogs?

The treatment depends and varies in accordance with the cause of the disease. Let’s check out some common dog dandruff cure:

Bathing: If the cause is seasonal change then the best way to cure your pet is to put him on a regular bathing schedule. You need to bathe him once a month during winter and twice a month during the summer season. While bathing carefully brush your pet’s coat and wash off the dead skin.

Dandruff shampoos: Use dog dandruff shampoos specially designed for canines. Using human dandruff shampoo will cause harm to the pet’s skin. Ask your vet about the finest dandruff shampoo for your pooch.

Dietary changes: Start giving nutritional supplements to your pet. Choose branded pet food that contains good fat that is required for your healthy dog skin. In addition, keep the pet hydrated by keeping fresh water bowls at several places in your home.

Dog spa: Dog spas will help you give him an oatmeal bath. Oatmeal bath is very effective in curing dry skin in dogs. So, occasionally give your pet an exclusive spa treatment.

To sum up, cats and dogs face the problem of dandruff as commonly as we humans do. Dry coat is caused by seasonal changes, allergens and diet. Improving upon all these aspects will cure your pet’s skin by removing dead skin cells. Pet parents can work it out very easily. Just practice proper grooming and dietary habits and you are done!

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