How to Make Your Pet’s Coat Shiny and Healthy?

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Your pet’s lustrous coat and puppy eyes are the most adorable things on this planet. Most pet parents feel that his coat adds to his personality. If you second the opinion then you would also agree that a furry pet’s coat is the reflection of his overall health. A shiny coat suggests that the pet is physically and mentally happy. However, there are days when his coat looks dull and lifeless.

Well, there are several reasons for dull coat including weather, nutrition, pet care routine and more. If the pet is lacking nutrition then it gets reflected in his or her coat. Dry weather saps away moisture from the skin making the coat lackluster. Improper pet care routine also results in withering of a pet’s coat. Pet parents can follow certain guidelines to improve their pet’s skin and coat.

If you are looking for answer to make your pet’s coat shiny and healthy then here we are sharing certain guidelines that would help. Advice of a veterinarian or pet care expert will also help a big deal in this scenario.

Guideline for shiny coat for cats and dogs:

Food and nutrition: Food plays a pivotal role in the development of healthy coat in furry animals. Nutritious food containing omega-3 fatty acids would provide your pet with the necessary ingredients for shiny exteriors. Tuna, sardines, salmon when given in diet would show excellent results. In addition, it is important to include some oil in your furry child’s diet. A teaspoon of any of the oils like coconut, olive, sunflower, vegetable or fish oil will do.

Weather conditions: Winters put up dry months for human skin and for furry animals. The dry air saps away moisture from the pet’s skin. In this season, change the bathing schedule of the pet. Ask a vet about the frequency of baths. This is important, as more number of baths will again take away necessary oils from the pet’s skin. So, check with your vet about the bathing schedule for your pet.

Brushing: Regular brushing the pet’s fur stimulates his skin and hair follicles. Frequent brushing aids in producing more oil out of the skin pores. This will enhance the health of the skin and improve luster of the coat. In addition, brushing removes dead hair that blocks skin oils produced by the pet’s skin. These oils help in ensuring shine and health to the coat and must be included in daily pet care routine.

Oatmeal bath: Oatmeal is excellent for skin as it subsides itching, eczema, soothes the skin and keeps it naturally soft. Vitamin E contained in oatmeal bath provides necessary nutrition to skin and coat of furry animals. Give your pet oatmeal bath for a shinier and healthier skin coat. It is available in the market or you can use a homemade oatmeal bath.

Exercise: Keep your pet moving. Daily exercise liking regular walks, running on the beach, fetch games are natural stimulants of blood and oxygen in a pet’s body. Physical activity thus improves the skin condition of any pet. So, make sure you make him exercise well.

These are common remedies for improving the coat condition. In addition to this, you must follow your vet’s advice to combat any underlying disease that hampers the growth of healthy coat in your pet. Just follow these basic things and ground rules to make your pet’s skin and coat shinier and healthier. All the Best!

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