Can Frontline Plus for Cats Be Used On Dogs and Vice Versa?

Fleas and ticks are yucky parasites that create havoc not only to your pet’s lives but yours as well. The more these pesky parasites cling on to your pet’s body, the more dangerous they get. These creatures are also capable of spreading life-threatening diseases and cause immense discomforts and uneasiness. Thus, it is obvious to eliminate these sleazy buggers as soon as they are detected.

Getting Rid of Fleas and Ticks

To get rid of these pesky parasites, flea and tick products are highly recommended. Now there are a wide variety of products that work effectively in killing and preventing fleas and ticks, but there is none better than the well-renowned product called Frontline Plus. This product though comes in two different packs – one for dogs and the other for cats despite having the same ingredients.

Then why the separate packs?

Well, you’re not the only one that has this question hovering around your head. In fact, a hefty amount of pet parents have questions related to this, and one of the most common ones is:

Can I Use Frontline Plus for Cats on My Dog and Vice Versa?

The answer is NO! You might be surprised because both products are the exact same and have the same ingredients Fipronil and S-Methoprene present in them. Then why can’t one use Frontline Plus for Cats on their dog and vice versa? Well, the answer to this pretty simple! Both contain the same ingredients, no doubt but the percentage of the ingredients present in the products differs from each other. While Frontline Plus for dogs has 9.8% of Fipronil content and 8.8% of S-methoprene content, Frontline Plus for cats has 9.8% of Fipronil, but 11.8% of S-Methoprene. Thus, as you can see, both the Frontline products have the exact same Fipronil content, but the difference lies in the percentage of the ingredient S-Methoprene.

Final Thoughts on Frontline Plus

As you have just read, both the Frontline Plus products are almost similar, yet they are different from each other. And though they have a very minor difference, if they are wrongly given to your pet, it can create a major problem and could potentially be very fatal as well. Thus, it is vital to check the product very carefully before administering it on your pet. Make sure you are alert and meticulous while administering Frontline Plus on your pets. Never ever mix and match the products. Stay safe and keep your furry buddies safe too.

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