Nexgard vs Frontline Plus: Which One Is Better?

Every pet parent deals with flea and tick issues. Confusion occurs when it comes to choosing the perfect product for their pets. With so many fleas and tick-treating drugs and the abundant information (correct or incorrect) on the internet, bewilderment leads to incorrect choices. Therefore, it is very important to understand the working of the drug completely.

Nexgard and Frontline Plus are the most sought-after products for flea and tick treatments. However, the efficacy of both products is a debatable question among pet owners. Some find Nexgard as their pet’s best friend and others feel Frontline Plus is far better. Well, the truth is both are equally good. It completely depends on the requirement as per the need for the results. Let’s see how Frontline Plus vs Nexgard Chewable are different though they both work against fleas and ticks.

Nexgard vs Frontline Plus

In What Ways Is Nexgard Better Than Frontline Plus?

  • Nexgard is a beef-flavored tablet that is highly palatable for dogs.
  • It kills fleas and is highly effective against different species of ticks which include American dog ticks, Black-legged ticks, and Brown ticks.
  • Frontline Plus, on the other hand, kills only paralysis ticks (Ixodes holocyclus) and Rhipicephalus.
  • Some dogs may not prefer spot-ons like Frontline Plus which may cause greasiness of skin or fur.
  • Frontline Plus is applied topically, so you need to apply it when the kids are not around to avoid contact. Whereas with Nexgard we don’t face this issue as it is a tablet that just has to be gulped down.
  • You can give Nexgard along with the heartworm preventative. Or rather use Nexgard Spectra which has double action – flea and tick treatment and heartworm prevention.
  • It is a mess-free solution.

How is Frontline Plus Better Than Nexgard?

  • Frontline Plus is topical so the chemicals stay on the skin and its layer and don’t enter the bloodstream whereas Nexgard ingredients traverse the bloodstream.
  • Other than killing fleas and ticks, it also kills lice and mites.
  • Frontline Plus is good for pets that don’t prefer tablets or chews.
  • It is less expensive than Nexgard.
  • Fleas do not necessarily have to bite the dog to be killed by Frontline Plus whereas Nexgard acts only when a flea takes the blood meal.
  • It kills mostly all external parasites.
  • Frontline plus action is quicker as the drug shows its effect within 24 hours of administration whereas Nexgard takes 48 hours to kill the parasites.


Nexgard vs Frontline Plus chart

You might still be in a confusion as to which one is better. Because both of them are monthly products and have their pros and cons. Well, the solution lies in your pet’s requirements and preferences. You must know which ticks have infested your pet. Does he like tablets or not, won’t your kids be cuddling him? And then how faster you want the results to show up? Your decision must be based on these factors rather than simply relying on the marketing gimmicks that entice you to purchase their products.

So, choose accordingly and keep your furry free of these blood-sucking critters!