15 Passover Easter Basket Gift Ideas For Your Pet

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Easter Basket Gift Ideas for Your Pet

It’s just a few days around for Easter, and it is time to think about those wonderful things to bundle up in basket for your furry pal. Bunnies and chicks are always there but what unusual and interesting things you can add to make the Easter a special day for your lovable companion. We bring the Easter basket full of amazing gifts for your furry pal.

Easter Basket Gift Ideas For Your Pet

    • 1. Buy a kickeroo for your pet. It is a way wonderful for your pet to enjoy just right from that Easter basket.
    • 2. Treats are a big way to make a wonderful day for your furry pal. However, get dog or cat treats not any human sweets.
    • 3. Bunny socks for your pet gives an entire different touch to this season.
    • 4. Speaking toys make a difference in your pet’s life. It can keep your dog/cat engaged when you are not at home.
    • 5. Pets love to hear squeaking noises. The cute looking mouse shaped dog toys create amazing noises keeping your dog engaged without giving you a splitting headache.
    • 6. Make your pet’s bathroom time little more special with this rejuvenating epi-otic shampoo. With that aromatic fragrance, smoothing your pet’s fur, it just leaves your pet fur shiny and smooth.
    • 7. Flea and tick treatment can be a savior from the flea and tick infestation this Easter. Don’t let your pet miss any dose for the upcoming parasitic season protecting them from the nasty critters.
    • 8. Throw-n-fetch game is the most wonderful game that can add to your pet’s play time. Have a great time with your pet with this game with an added advantage of exercise.
    • 9. Bunny fancy clothes can give a new look to your doggy. Make him a fashion hero and let enjoy the day with something unusual.
    • 10. Easter is all about safety and safeguarding your pet from heartworms. Treat your pup with monthly Heartworm Preventive, which is the best thing you can do for your lovable companion.
    • 11. Kiltix Tick collar is a waterproof dog collar with an add-on to protect your dog from various tick infestations.
    • 12. Greenies dental chews make a great Easter gift with a dental care regime.
    • 13. No Easter basket is complete without eggs. Add a few to your dog’s Easter basket with those hard chewy egg toys or plush egg toys.
    • 14. Bunny ears is another great accessory to add to your dog’s Easter basket. Added to bunny socks, bunny ears are also quite adorable. Check on the creative designs that you can get on any pet supplies store online.
    • 15. And at last, dog biscuits to spoil your furry pal on this big day. Get some nutritional dog biscuits for your furry pal to savor and have let him have a great time munching them while celebrating the day.

Well, whatever you add to Easter basket, your dog is going to love and enjoy. However, be careful that you do not put any unwanted thing that is absolute ‘NO’ for your furry pal. Bundle of love packed in Easter basket with little care is all that makes a great gift for your pooch.

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