Wellness Calendar – Flawless Technique for Organized Pet Health Care

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pet wellnessPet parents just love to take care of their pets and shower them with oodles of affection. This is a matchless experience where in you treat pets like kids and take care of their little needs in details. Starting from their food to their vaccinations to their veterinarian visits, everything becomes so important for a pet parent. Their life practically starts revolving around the pet.

At times, hectic schedules make one slip one or two of these important tasks or treatments. This takes you to an elongated guilt trip and reasons for self-criticism. To avoid such ‘guilt inducing’ accidents, one can maintain a wellness calendar for the pet. A date wise schedule that includes everything that plays a significant role in the growth of the pet.

Chart down regular medications, vaccinations, treatments and health check-ups that are required for the pet. Make a schedule after discussing with the vet or pet plan it with him and see how pet care becomes a smooth journey. Daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly treatments should be jotted down to make sure you do not miss that important vaccination.

Obvious benefits of pet wellness calendar:

Organized pet health care

Maintaining a daily, weekly and monthly calendar helps to remind important dates for vaccinations, flea and tick treatments, heartworm medications and other deworming procedures for removing intestinal worms etc. This way you have a jist of everything that is a ‘must do’ for your pet.

Detail date schedule of treatments

Mark those important dates for vet visits, teeth cleaning, ear cleaning, shampooing the body and vaccinations. This way you get a pet calendar that removes any chances of any delays of dilemmas. If you proceed in this manner then you just cannot miss anything that is good for your pet.

Specific pet care

Every pet has his own set of problems, responses and needs. A veterinarian can best guide you on this. If there are more than one pet then planning each pet’s requirements, treatments, food habits and routine can be easily done through a wellness calendar. Therefore, a calendar can be used for scheduling pet care routine for individual pet and saves one from confusions of any kind.

Kicks out forgetfulness

A calendar will not let you forget anything. Stick it near your pet’s bed so that you come across it often. This constant reminder will reduce any chances of forgetfulness. It also saves you from the mountain of guilt that you carry on missing important aspects of pet care.

Budgeted Pet Care

With wellness calendar, you are able to plan finances required for treatments, veterinarian visits, medications and vaccinations. By checking the dates in the calendar, you can buy yearly of quarterly stuff in bulk. This would prove cost effective. Thus, a pet wellness calendar saves you some big chunks on your yearly pet care budget.

To put it in simple terms wellness calendar paves way to organized pet health care. It is not only beneficial for the pet but also gives the parent a guilt-free, flawless methodology of pet care.

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