Tried and Tested Tips for Taking Pet to the Office

Taking your dog to the office is all about celebrating and sharing your work time with your four-legged pal. It means working with full force but without any stress as your stress buster is just around you. Research suggests that pet owners show improved efficiency when they take their pet to the work place. Such is the bond of human and their companion animals. With such beautiful vibes all around, one must also make sure that your pet’s office day ends on a happy note.

Some tips to consider before taking your pet to the office:

Tips for Taking Pet to the OfficePermissions first: Be proactive and take permission from the office management and cross check if any of your colleagues is not happy with your decision. This icebreaker will assure that everything will be fine once your pet will be ‘on board’.

Make ‘puppy space’ ready: To give comfort to your companion and your colleagues, make a separate space within your cabin. You can keep your pet’s bed, toys and kennel here. Ensure that there are no poisonous plants, electrical wires and any kind of harmful things here. Make a secure puppy space.

Get goofy ready for the office: Grooming and bathing your pet before office hours is a must. Give him a clean look that catches eyes of your colleagues. Make sure he looks neat and hygienic. Choose not to take aggressive, sick or shy pets to the office.  

Bag it up: Prepare a separate bag to carry pet’s food, toys, leash, treats, bowls, clean-up bags, anxiety-relieving treatments etc. In addition, carry a kennel if yours is a moving in and out of the office job. This assures clutter-free and ‘well kept’ pet stay in the office.

Set up a timetable for the pet: Set your pet’s food timings in such a way that there is least disturbance in the office area. Make sure that the pet must be relieved for bathroom breaks so that he attends all his natural calls. Plan all the arrangements for this in advance.

Make him office friendly: Encourage your pet to be friendly with colleagues but not jump or run around them. This way your colleagues will develop a liking towards him and would not have complains of any kind. It is an assurance that your well-behaved pet would get some admiring eyes within the office.

Be ready to exit: Most pet enjoy being with their pet parents all the time. However, if there are chances of your pet disliking your work place and may become difficult to manage then be ready to make a quick exit drop him at home. Planning for this is the last thing you can do to have a balance between pet parenting and working.

These little tips are actually very useful, be it your pet’s maiden visit to the office or a regular daily visit. Check if these tips work well for you or not. Hope you have a happy office time with the pet!!