Vet Visit Questionnaire – You MUST Prepare before you Visit

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Your Guide to Vet Visit Questionnaire

Are you visiting a new vet for the first time, taking your new pet to a vet visit, or taking your pet for an annual checkup? It’s important to be prepared, and gather all the crucial information related to your pet. This will help your veterinarian to check your pet properly. He will ask you certain questions related to your pet’s health and based on your answers, your vet can properly diagnose and schedule vaccination and treatment process.

We have jotted down those questions for you so that you can easily gather the information before hand.

  • When did you get your pet?
  • Where did you find your pet?
  • How long has pet been with you?
  • Has your pet been vaccinated?
  • If yes! Which type of vaccines?
  • Has your pet suffered from any injury or undergone surgery?
  • Has your pet encountered any serious health issue or disease apart from normal cough and cold?
  • What type of food are you giving your pet? Dry or wet form?
  • Which brand pet food do you feed your pet?
  • How much does your pet eats? Has there been a change in his appetite recently?
  • Are you providing water to your pet and how much water does your pet drink throughout a day?
  • Have you ever travelled outside the area with your pet?
  • Does your pet urinate and defecate properly? Does he ever have any accidents inside?
  • Has your pet gained or lost weight recently?
  • Has your pet displayed any of the symptoms recently?
    • Sneezing
    • Coughing
    • Diarrhea
    • Vomiting
  • Have you found any significant changes in your pet’s behavior? (Constantly licking, barking, whelping, aggression, jumping, going round and round without any reason, etc.)

Having answers for these questions, you can help your vet to better understand your pet’s body and carry on the right procedure in diagnosing and treating him.

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