4 Simple Ways To Handle The Dog Fight

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Simple Ways To Handle Dog Fight

It is inherently dangerous to involve in a dog’s argument or a canine’s fight. Always try not to put yourself in the middle of a dog fight. Dogs are out of brains when they are fighting, they may bite or hurt you. But, if your own pooch is involved in a serious fight or an attack you will surely go ahead to protect him or stop dog aggression toward other pooch. If you are looking for a method of doing so, here some of the tips to handle the dog fight as follows:

Tactics To Handle A Dog Fight

1. You can stop the dog fight with a sudden unpleasant loud voice. You may need to interrupt them by making some noise, by surprising them to get off the fight. Stay away and do it or they may attack you. If your dog never bites you or anyone else, at this time he may accidentally bite or hurt you. You can use these items to stop the fight:

  • Banging steel dishes together
  • Air horn
  • Whistle
  • Car horn
  • Throw something on the hard floor for loud noise

2. The above method may help you and if it does not work then move on. The other thing to stop a dog fight with other dogs is by spraying water on them with the help of a hose. Make sure you throw the water on their face so that they get away from each other. If you splash or spray water on the other part of their body, it is not really going to do much. You can even use the pepper spray, but take care not to spray it in their eyes.

how to deal with dog fight

3. Another option to avoid fights between dogs is putting or throwing a blanket or any kind of cloth over the dogs to distract them from the fight and then separate and secure them.

4. Usually by this time some or other above tactics has been working for you. If not, then you need to involve the most experienced dog handler, who will grasp the back legs near the groin and pull them straight up. If you don’t have any experience please do not try it; as there is a chance of a redirected bite. This has to be done by two experienced persons. They need to pull both the canines simultaneously quickly out and up. Once they are separated, secure both doggies and assess for damage.

Note: If you are alone and dealing a dog fight, try noise and spray methods first. Hopefully, they will work, if not, you can move to other steps with the help of another person. Remember, always stay calm while trying to break down the dog fight. Don’t get over excited or the pooch will get more excited than you.

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