Significance of National Adopt-A-Shelter Dog Month

Adopt A Shelter Dog

In this October month, let us all remember and appreciate the noble cause that started the National Adopt-A-Shelter Dog Month. The history of this great establishment goes back to the year 1981. It was remarked with great significance where the common public was made aware that there are these beautiful dogs in shelters who also require a place of comfort, a loving parent and a playful companion. The message that took an onset in 1981 is still spreading and with the means of media and technology today, this message can be read by millions of people.

“Every dog deserves to have a decent family and live his life contentedly”

A number of dogs stay in shelter homes waiting for a responsible and caring human being to adopt him and he gets a home with his parents. This year, bring a change in your life and adopt a dog. The change in life will be on both the sides. You will definitely cherish this good deed in your future and set an example for everyone around you.

Celebrate Adopt A Shelter Dog Month

Adopting a dog means, you are taking up the complete responsibility for him. Being an ideal pet parent isn’t easy, it requires lot of efforts. You’ll have to train the dog, get him vaccinated, take him for his health examinations, groom him and most important of all, shower your love on him. However, all these tasks are definitely going to be fruitful as you will also have a companion to laze around with, he will be your best cuddle-partner, and he may become your early morning alarm and give you company in your morning jogs and runs. You will never feel alone if you have a beloved furry pal in your life. You’ll be welcomed by the pooch’s hugs and licks when you enter the home. All the affection and enthusiasm will only be for you.

October Is Adopt A Shelter Dog Month

You need not always buy a pet from a fancy pet shop. If you are a true dog lover or believe in performing good for them, adopt a dog and improve the quality of their life.

October Is Adopt A Shelter Dog Month

October month is a start for many joyous festivities and holiday season, make it worthy and delightful for your adopted shelter dog to relish the beauty of this month.

Those shiny eyes thank you for the deed
With a positive motto and the will to freed
One more celebration added in October for you
The birthday of your pal dressed in white and blue
Message that you spread was heard by many
Let’s pray next year, like you there will be many