Seresto Review : The Best Flea Collar

Collars are one of the most customer-friendly options in treating fleas on pets. They are handy and can be used anytime anywhere, be it at home or outside. Their effective mechanism provides complete protection against parasites and mosquitoes. However, the majority of them work just around the neck region where they are tied. Rest of the body is left for feasting. Well, that is not the case with Seresto collar because of its unique designing and sustained release technology. Pets can be easily protected against fleas from the entire body for almost 8 months.


Seresto : More Information About The Collar

How is Seresto More Powerful?

Seresto collar is infused with 2 active ingredients imidacloprid and flumethrin. Both of these ingredients work synergistically to kills adult fleas, flea larvae, ticks and juvenile stages of ticks. Since the collar is made with innovative sustained release technology, these active ingredients distribute themselves on the skin layers of the entire body. So, when a parasite tries to near the pet, it gets killed immediately. The collar replenishes and redistributes the chemical on the skin as and when the concentration decreases thus sustaining its action up until 8 months.

How is Seresto Different From Other Collars?

With quick action against fleas and ticks and proven safety margins, Seresto has been touted as the most convenient and workable option for pet owners. Moreover, the product can be easily used simultaneously with topical and spot-on treatments for heavy infestation. The product is also made of high-quality material and advanced technology that provides protection to complete body and not just to the area it is tied around.

How long do we have to wait to tie the collar after applying a topical solution?

You don’t need to wait for the topical or spot-on solution to dry out before tethering the collar. You can apply it immediately without waiting.

Is Seresto Safe For Puppies?

Yes, the collar is completely safe for use on puppies over 7 weeks of age because it only diffuses minimal amount of chemicals which do not harm the sensitive skin of young dogs.

What If My Dog Chews The Collar?

Well, Seresto collar has undergone rigorous testing and after several trials, it has been deemed as a safe collar for use in dogs. Even if the dog chews the collar, he may not have any adverse reactions because most of the ingredients in the collar are closely bound in the matrix. The only possible side-effect reported till now was a mild digestive upset which resolved within a day. Well, to completely avoid your dog from chewing the collar, you must attach it tightly and cut out the extra portion.

Do You Need To Stretch the Collar To Activate It?

Not necessary. Unlike another collar, you can simply tie the product following the directions properly. Seresto’s mechanism is simple so you really don’t need to worry about stretching the collar in order to stimulate its effect.

Can Seresto Be Used Along Other Collars?

Yes. You can use Seresto alongside another collar. Just make sure it is tied properly.

Pros and cons of Seresto Collar



Added Advantages of using Seresto?

  • Seresto collar for dogs comes with a brake release mechanism which allows the collar to release on its own if the pet gets trapped.
  • Other than that, it is waterproof so despite bathing or swimming your pet, the efficacy of the product won’t deteriorate.
  • Seresto collar is cheaper compared to the money you would spend on other treatments even though both of them do the same job.

Cons of Seresto Collar

The collar must be tied to the pet all the time to remain effective. If the collar is removed even for a couple of days, it loses its coverage.

With some breeds like Malamutes and Great Pyrenees, this collar may not work as effectively.

If exposed to water extensively, the collar may lose its long-lasting efficacy of 8 months and will only be working up to 5 months. So, it is better to bathe your pet just once a month when he wears the collar.

Seresto collar is an amazing innovation in the pet healthcare world which mixes technology with convenience. If you are doubtful as to which flea and tick product will work best for your dog and would be convenient for you as well, go for Seresto as it is a mess-free, easy solution for removing parasites from your furry pal.
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