Keep Your Pet Healthy and Safe This Fall – Know How

Fall is upon us and pet owners must be eagerly hoping to spend some quality time with their pet. The crisp yellowish-red leaves that lay strewn everywhere and the mild soothing breeze makes you want to go for long walks with your furry friend. Doesn’t it? Well, while this is like the perfect plan during the fall season, it is very important to be mindful about the fact that this period comes with seasonal health risks and dangers for your pet. Hence, it is essential that every pet owner follows a few health tips to protect their beloved pet during the fall season.

Health Tips to Protect Your Pet during fall

Health Tips to Protect Your Pet during fall

Make sure to jot down the following health tips and utilize them this fall. Remember, pet safety should be your top priority.

• Ticks Are Everywhere, Every Time – If you were told by someone that ticks are a problem only during the summer and spring seasons, then it’s time to clear your misconceptions. Ticks can infect your furry pal during any season. Hence, it is advisable that you keep checking for ticks and make frequent trips to your vet.

• Keep School Supplies Aside – The fall season is generally the art and craft season in most schools. School-going children often tend to leave their school supplies here and there and we all know how inquisitive our pets can get. They go sniffing for things and may nibble and chew on them assuming it’s a toy or a chewy stick. Thus, be alert and keep these things away from them because it can cause problems such as gastrointestinal blockages.

• Snakes Out, Pets In – The fall season is when most types of snakes roam in the wilderness as they prepare for hibernation. Hence, it is important to avoid snake-prone zones in order to keep your pets away from the venomous snake bites.

• Say No To Mushrooms – The prime season for mushrooms are during the fall season. While most of them are not toxic, there are some which can be very harmful to your pet. Dogs find it hard to sniff out the toxic mushrooms so it is highly advisable to keep mushrooms away. Poisonous mushrooms can cause liver and kidney failure, abdominal pain, vomiting, diarrhea, upper gastrointestinal damages, and various other problems.

• Avoid the Halloween Candy Bowl – Halloween gets the ball rolling for the high-carb season, which means you have to be extra watchful and see to it that your fuzzy pal stays away from candies. Sweets and candies can be very harmful to your pet’s health. Plus, candies such as lollipops can choke your pal and even damage or hurt their soft gums.

• Add Pumpkin To Your Pet’s Diet – If your pet is healthy and you’re looking for a nutritious food item to add in their seasonal diet then pumpkin can be added. Pumpkins are very healthy especially the raw ones. Canned ones too are good, but make sure it does not any added sweeteners in it.

These effective health and safety tips will help you keep your furry pal protected during the fall season. Make sure to implement all these points so that your pet can be safe and you can be happy.