Pet Safety – Top 5 Weapons To Eliminate Fleas

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5 Weapons To Eliminate Fleas

Ever wondered what can be the biggest source of displeasure in your pet’s life. The answer seems to be obvious with the reference of fleas coming in most of the pet parent’s mind.

The sensation these insects produces in a pet’s body forces the gullible pet to indulge in mindless scratching and itching. The worst effect of these pests comes in the form of minor health disorder like hair loss to major skin problems like Flea Allergy Dermatitis.

A pet parent often loses enthusiasm in fighting this menace, when he encounters the same fleas around his home and in his pet’s body. The fact that these pests multiply in huge numbers, ensures their survivability rate.

In such an alarming situation, knowing the weapons, which can eliminate fleas from your pet’s life, would serve as a boon to your pet’s well-being.

Top 5 Weapons To Eliminate Fleas

Frontline Plus

This spot on treatment has built its reputation among pet parents as a potent flea killer. It takes less than 12 hour to eliminate fleas present in your pet’s body. Besides, fleas it has proven its mettle against ticks and chewing lice.

The presence of fipronil in this frontline plus for cats product makes it a reliable weapon to safeguard your pet from blood sucking parasites.

Frontline Plus For Cats

K9 Advantix

If your pet is troubled by multiple parasites at the same time, then K9 Advantix would be ideal solution for treating those innumerable pests. The product works well against fleas and is a panacea for different parasitic infestations in a pet.

It comes as an aid in treating skin allergies in pets.

K9 Advantix Medium Dogs


Living up to its name, Advantage is a product specifically built keeping the insects, fleas in mind.  The waterproof nature of the Advantage for Cats product makes it less messy and the presence of Imidacloprid makes it effective against fleas at the same time. It prevents fleabites within its 5 minutes of administration.

Advantage Kittens and Small Cats


What makes Activyl click with many pet parents is the fact it not only kill fleas instantly but also disrupts the flea life cycle simultaneously. Activyl for Dogs is one of the most potent weapons to fight flea menace.

Activyl for small dogs orange

Bayopet Tick And Flea Collar

If your dog’s dwelling habits makes him vulnerable to fleas and ticks present in his surroundings, then this Bayopet Collar can help your cause in keeping these pests at distance from your pet.

Bayopet Collar Small Dogs

Weaponry of this kind would surely protect your pet from flea infestation. However, to make these solutions more effective, vacuum your house thoroughly at least once in a week to get rid of the fleas present in your home environment. Check the presence of fleas in the yard area and places where your pet likes to dwell most. Also, consult your vet regularly to remain updated on your pet’s health.

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