National Dog Day: 5 Reasons Why Elderly Should Celebrate Too

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Pet ownership by senior citizens is gradually gaining momentum because of its umpteen health benefits. Studies have found that human and animal interactions have a positive impact on the human body and are equally rewarding for the dogs as well. The bond established between the two is very healing. In fact, many pet parents have realized that being the owner of a pet has made them less anxious and more caring. There have been many such incidents where old people are found to be more drawn towards their furry companion than their busy kids. Reason being, the attention they get from their pet is unconditional, long-lasting and genuine. This clearly gives all the senior citizens a good reason to celebrate National Dog Day. Here we have enlisted some of the best reasons that will convince all the senior citizens to celebrate their relationship with their dog this National Dog day.


Best Way to Celebrate National Dog Day

Dogs are Stress-busters

Old people usually have a distressed mind due to the impending future. A dog in their life brings distraction from that unending thought process and thus makes them happier than they were before. He adeptly relieves anxiety by his innocent acts and keeps the person consumed for long.

Dogs Help Their Owners to Socialize More

Sometimes terrible experiences make the person reclusive, and they hardly go out to spend time with others. Having a dog inadvertently helps them to socialize with other people when they go out for a walk with their furry buddy. They get to meet other pet owners and strike up a conversation even if it is just about dogs.

Dogs Improve Heart Health

Studies reveal that an old person having a dog is healthier than the ones who do not own a pet. Dogs indirectly help reduce the cholesterol levels in owners by keeping them active. This, in turn, reduces the risk of heart disease in the individual.

Dogs Make You Active

Dogs need routine exercise and some kind of physical activity to stay fit and burst out the excess energy. People who have dogs are thus known to walk more than they would usually do in a week to keep their Fido healthy. This, in turn, makes them active and relieves the stiffness of joints in old people.

Dogs Make Great Companions

Most of the old people lose their spouse at some or the other point in time. Dogs come as sunshine for such lonely souls coveting happiness in times of distress. Their presence helps such people to recuperate faster emotionally and physically, thus eliminating the void which people usually feel after losing their spouse. People actually become more friendly and caring if they own a pet.

Hope these reasons would have convinced you enough to plan something special for your dog this National Dog Day. If you cannot move or you have some ailment which won’t allow you to move out or do something, the best thing is to hug and cuddle your Fido as much as you can. It is definitely the best way to show him how special he is for you. Spend a lot of time playing with him. Give him treats, so he stays hooked to you, however, do not overdo when it comes to treats. Other than that, grannies who can cook well can also prepare homemade food for their furry kid. He sure gonna devour on it! Likewise, there are several other ways you can express your love towards your Fido and thank him for being so beneficial to your health and a reason behind your happiness. However, make sure you do show your gratitude towards him. Dogs are the best friends humans have ever got. So, every pet owner should definitely raise a toast for them this coming National Dog Day!

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